Terms of Service


Our publications use a Creative Commons license that allows the use of its contents for non-commercial purposes, requiring only attribution to the author. This means that all our contents, except some photos and videos, can be used freely. Anyone can copy, reproduce, distribute and modify them, the only conditions imposed are:

  • That it be for a non-commercial purpose. Commercial use is considered to be publication on any page that displays advertising or supports another activity such as the sale of goods and services. 
  • The original attribution to the author must be maintained by means of a direct link (without "nofollow") to the individual page of the site where the content was originally published. If it is a printed media, it is enough to mention the name of the site and the general url of the same (although if you can publish the url of the news it is appreciated).

Part of what we do is to collect the bits and bytes of news scattered on the Internet on the topics we cover to make a modest selection. That's why we believe it's only fair to give back to the Internet as much as we have taken from it, for which we use a Creative Commons license.

One caveat, not all the photos and videos we use are our originals, and on those that are not, we usually do not have the rights to modify their licenses and apply ours, so we do not have the power to apply the Creative Commons license to them.

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