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Xataka On is a publication from Webedia dedicated to covering technology, science, and the intersection of these two worlds with other sectors in society. Besides offering in-depth reviews of the latest gadgets, you’ll be able to read the latest news about space travel, the semiconductor crisis, new sources of renewable energy, and much, much more.

Xataka On was launched in 2024 by Xataka, the leading technology news website in Spanish with more than 29 million monthly unique users. Xataka was born in 2004 and hasn’t stopped growing since. Over the years, it’s turned into one of the most influential publications in the tech sector. With Xataka On, our first publication in English, we’re taking one more step towards internationalization. We hope you’ll join us for the ride.
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Our team

María González

Director at Xataka, the leading tech news site in Spanish and Webedia España's vertical for tech publications. I've been covering and breathing technology for over ten years. LinkedIN

@kyravms maria@xataka.com

Yúbal Fernández

Tech journalist with over eight years of experience. I specialize in mobile devices, PCs and consumer tech, as well as software and apps. Head of Xataka Basics, where less knowledgeable readers will find tech concepts explained plain and simple. LinkedIN

@Yubal_FM yubal.fernandez@xataka.com

Javier Márquez

I've been in media for over a decade, but I've been much longer marveling at the possibilities that technology brings us. I believe we live in a world where the digital revolution is changing everything, and I find no better palce that Xataka to write about it. LinkedIn

@javimarquez javier.marquez@xataka.com

Ricardo Aguilar

Mobile tech editor and analyst. I studied Psychology, but I've been working in the consumer tech field for the last 10 years. Interested in motor projects and new mobility. LinkedIn

@mrbrickerr ricardo.aguilar@webedia-group.com

Matías S. Zavia

Aerospace and energy industries journalist. LinkedIn

@matiass matias@zavia.es

John Tones

I've been writing about culture for twenty-something years and, at Xataka, I cover everything related to movies, video games, TV shows, comics and pop culture. LinkedIN

@johntones pedro.berruezo@webedia-group.com

Rubén Andrés

Editor at Xataka. More than a decade of telecommuting and a strong advocate of technology as a way to improve our lives. Full-time addict of black, sugar-free coffee. LinkedIn

@Ruben_Andres76 rubenabarbero@gmail.com

Javier Pastor

Computer scientist turned tech journalist. I've written about almost everything related to technology, but I specialize in hardware, operating systems and cryptocurrencies. I like writing about tech so much that I do it both for Xataka and Incognitosis, my personal blog. LinkedIN

@javipas javier.pastor@xataka.com

Javier Lacort

I write long-form content at Xataka about intersections between technology, business and society. I host the daily podcast 'Loop infinito' (in Spanish), putting Apple news into perspective. LinkedIn

@jlacort lacort@xataka.com

Alejandro Alcolea

Editor at Xataka. I studied education and music, but since 2014 I have been writing about my passion: video games and technology. I specialize in product analysis, photography, and video. My body is 70% coffee. LinkedIn


Enrique Pérez

Consumer tech and information society editor. Despite my studies in Physics, I've been writing about tech, image and sound, digital economy, legislation and data protection for over ten years. Interested in projects that aim to improve society and democratize access to technology. LinkedIn

@Lyzanor enrique.perez@xataka.com

Pablo Martínez-Juarez

Environmental economist and science journalist. For a few years, I worked as a researcher on the economics of climate change adaptation. Now I write about that and much more. LinkedIN

@mjuarez_pablo pablo.martinez@xataka.com

Eva Rodríguez de Luis

An engineer by training, I like to analyze what is going on around me: science, tech and society. LinkedIN

@misstakanawa eva.rodriguez@ext.webedia-group.com

Miguel Jorge

Journalist specializing in technology and science.

@MiguelJorgeRe migueljorgeredondo@gmail.com

Jose García

Tech journalist. Head of new formats and TikTok presenter. I specialize in consumer tech and video games. LinkedIn

@josedextro jose.garcia@webedia-group.com

Alberto de la Torre

Journalist and audiovisual communicator since 2016. Specializing in the automotive sector for over five years, I analyze the industry and its developments. I'm particularly interested in new forms of mobility and the changes the cities are experiencing, especially in urban planning and promotion of cycling and VMP. LinkedIN


Javier Jiménez

Head of science, health and environment at Xataka. Methodologist turned communicator, I write about science, ideas and social change. LinkedIN

@dronte javier.jimenez@webedia-group.com

Carlos Prego

Over twelve years of experience in media that have passed by so quickly. I've been writing for Xataka since 2018 and I'm mainly in charge of Magnet's content. #Technology #Science #History LinkedIn

@CarlosPrego1 carlos.prego@webedia-group.com

Juan Carlos López

An engineer by training, a science and tech journalist by passion, vocation and conviction. I've been writing professionally for over two decades, and I suspect I still have a long way to go. At Xataka, I write about many topics, but I mainly enjoy covering nuclear fusion, quantum physics, quantum computers, microprocessors and TVs. LinkedIN

@juanklore jclopez.xataka@gmail.com

Alba Mora

An established tech journalist, I entered the world of consumer tech by chance in 2018. In my writing and translating career, I've also covered a diverse range of topics, including entertainment, travel, science, and economy.

@albamoraantoja albamoraantoja@gmail.com

Karen Alfaro

Communications professional with almost a decade of experience as a copywriter, proofreader, and editor. As a travel and science journalist, I have collaborated with several international media, both print and digital. I am passionate about culture, music, food, history, and new technologies.

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