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Mobile tech editor and analyst. I studied Psychology, but I've been working in the consumer tech field for the last 10 years. Interested in motor projects and new mobility. LinkedIn

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May 2024

  1. 22 May
  2. We’re Running Out of Ideas for Phone Cameras, and the Rumors About the iPhone 16 Prove It
  3. 17 May
  4. Google I/O 2024: Everything the Company Announced About Gemini, Android 15, and Its AI Advancements
  5. 16 May
  6. Your Android Phone Will Automatically Lock Itself if Someone Tries to Steal It. Here's How It Will Work
  7. 15 May
  8. Google Has a Plan to End to Scam Calls Forever: It's Going to Listen in on What They Say to You
  9. Google Unveils the Fastest Model of Gemini to Date and Big Plans for Mobile Phones
  10. 07 May
  11. The New Ranking for the World’s Best-Selling Smartphones Has No Surprises
  12. 04 May
  13. iOS 18: Release Date, News, Compatible iPhones, and Everything We Think We Know About the New Version
  14. Google Pixel 9: Release Date, Price, Models and Everything We Think It’s Coming
  15. Wi-Fi 7: What is It, What is It for and All the New Wi-Fi Standard Features
  16. Google Pixel 8 Pro Review: Falling in Love With It Is Easy. Seeing Its Weaknesses Is Easier
  17. Windows 12: news, rumored release date, new features, compatibility and everithing we think we know so far
  18. 02 May
  19. Apple Watch Ultra 2 Review: The Apple Watch I’d Buy Isn’t the One I Need
  20. iPhone 16: Release Date, Price, Models and Everything We Think It’s Coming

April 2024

  1. 19 April
  2. Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Review: AI Was the Secret to Become the Best Android on the Market Again
  3. 17 April
  4. I’ve Tested All the iPhone 15 Models: This is the One to Buy
  5. 11 April
  6. iPhone 15 Pro Max Review: the Most Well-Rounded iPhone Ever Comes as a Quiet Revolution
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