Motorola Has Created a Rival to Apple's AirTag. This is the Moto Tag

It comes with a compact design and is compatible with Google’s Find My Device network.

Moto Tag
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Bluetooth tags are all the rage. Apple has its AirTag and Samsung recently introduced its SmarTag 2. Even Chinese manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon with particularly economical offerings that aren't scared of competing with the best.

Motorola wanted to get in on the action with its Moto Tag, the company's first Bluetooth tag. It’s compatible with Google’s Find My Device network and with Ultra Wideband 2 (UWB2) for even more accurate tracking.

This Is What Motorola’s AirTag Competitor Is Like

Moto Tags

Like other Bluetooth tags, Motorola designed the Moto Tag with a compact format to put it on any object. It works with the Find My Device framework to locate your objects through the Google network.

Users can determine an object's exact location if they have a device with the latest generation of Ultra Wide Band 2. Similarly, the Moto Tag has an interesting button: one that lets you find your phone.

Motorola has paid particular attention to the Moto Tag’s security. The user’s location data is encrypted end-to-end. The tag is compatible with iOS and Android tracking alerts (although it doesn’t work with Apple’s Find My app), and you can perform a manual scan to see if a Moto Tag is following you.

The Moto Tag pairs with your mobile device using the Fast Pair protocol, the same one used by the best Bluetooth headsets on Android. To use the tag, just take it out of the box, place it near a Bluetooth-enabled phone, and press a button.

Like other Bluetooth tags, the Moto Tag uses a CR2032 coin battery that promises to last a year. It comes with an IP67 rating, which allows you to submerge it in 3.2 feet of fresh water for up to 30 minutes.

Moto Tag Pricing and Availability

The Moto Tag will go on sale on in the U.S. August 2. One will cost $29, and a four pack will cost $99.

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