The Best Apple Watch Apps

We break down the must-have apps to get the most out of your Apple Watch.

The best Apple Watch apps
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These are the best Apple Watch apps for getting the most out of your smartwatch. Some are free, some aren’t, but all are useful for day-to day activities and can be accessed directly from your wrist.

As we always say here at Xataka On, this is our list, but we may have missed some that you consider important. If we've overlooked a great app, we welcome you to leave us your favorite Apple Watch apps in the comments section so other readers can learn about them.

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Just Press Record

Just Press Record

This app helps you record and save voice notes. Whenever you want to make a quick voice note, it shows you a button, which you need to press to start recording. When you finish the voice note, the app adds it to the list of all your previous recordings.

The app stores the voice notes chronologically, and you can play, share, and delete them. It also has a transcription function to help you convert your spoken ideas into text. It synchronizes with iCloud, and although it isn’t free, it's only $4.99.


AutoSleep app

Although Apple now has a native sleep tracker for iPhone and Watch, AutoSleep is still far superior because of details like personalized measurement functions and its remarkable ability to detect when you’ve fallen asleep, even if it’s outside of regular hours.

AutoSleep only costs $5.99, so it’s a great investment. It uses the Watch’s sensors to measure the quality of our sleep, detecting how deep and light you've slept and your heart rate. A ring system, similar to the Apple Watch's exercise rings, helps you track and reach your sleep goals.



This app is one of the most popular task managers in the world. It also has a mobile version. With it, you can manage pending tasks directly from your Watch. Todoist stands out for its adapted interface, which is easy to use. All these features in a completely free app.

Elk Currency Converter

Elk Currency Converter

If you've ever needed to convert currencies and found that searching on your phone is too slow, this app provides you with a currency converter on your wrist. This completely free app allows you to select the currency and the amount, and it will convert for you.

One of the positive points of this app is that it uses your location to display the currency of the country you’re in, so you don’t have to configure anything when you travel. In addition, you can easily access it on your Apple Watch's digital crown.



Citymapper is still an essential app if you’re traveling to a big city, as it’s much better than Google Maps or Apple Maps at guiding you through public transportation and showing you how to get around.

This app’s attention to detail is so great that it not only tells you how to get from one place to another in a city using public transport, but it can even tell you which wagon is best for you. You can access the maps offline, which feature routes for buses, subways, trams, and bikes. The app is free. You just have to download the maps for each city separately. However, not all of them are available.


Bergfex app

If you want to go hiking in the mountains instead of visiting a city, this free app will help you. Some mapping apps, like Google Maps, are less than ideal when it comes to hiking, but this one has a lot of routes pre-loaded. It will guide you from your wrist, showing you a map and directions so you don’t get lost.

CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather app

This is one of the most popular weather apps for iOS that tries to offer an approach with a lot of personality. In fact, you can choose from several personalities to show you the weather forecasts.

This free app is has been adapted for Watch and offers highly detailed forecasts.

Seven: 7 Minute Workout

Seven: 7 Minute Workout

A sports app that tells you what exercises you need to do without needing to consult your phone. It's a great way to exercise without distractions if you want to leave your phone at home because you can access workouts on your wrist. It provides instructions via voice and also tells you when you should rest.

The app offers 7-minute workouts a day, so people who don’t like to exercise or don’t have time can try it. There are different plans depending on the result you want to achieve.



More workouts. This app uses elements built into your watch, such as GPS and the heart rate sensor, to record distinct types of training. For example, if you go for a run, it will be able to store the area you’ve crossed and your pace on the map.


Athlytic app

This app uses data from your watch to let you track your rest after a workout. It informs you if your body has recovered and whether you can exercise or rest that day. It also has training suggestions and shows you lots of data about your fitness.


Bring! app

Although the Reminders app is helpful, you can create a shopping list quickly and easily with Bring! and share it with the rest of the people in your household to make a collaborative list.

First, create and edit your list with its iPhone app and then view it on your Watch, marking everything you’ve added to your cart. You’ll need to download the apps on both devices to manage everything.


WaterReminder app

And since we’re talking about not forgetting anything, WaterReminder is an app that reminds you when to drink water. If you’re one of those people who tend to forget it, this is the app for you. The interface is simple, and all you have to do is mark the amounts you’ve drunk, which you can preset to make it faster.


Streaks app

This is an app that helps you create new habits. Its name is very descriptive because you set your daily goals for the habit you want to acquire.

When you do this, the app will record each day that you meet the goal and count the number of days in a row that you’ve done it. The idea is that this will motivate you not to break your streak and to keep doing what you’ve set out to do until it becomes a habit. The app costs $5.99.


Stocard app

The app allows you to carry all your loyalty cards with you. The ones integrated into Apple Wallet can be limited, but this app will enable you to have as many as you want by scanning the barcode or the QR code they have and then using it at stores or restaurants.



It’s a minimalist app that tracks your upcoming flights and provides valuable information such as the boarding gate or the luggage band. It’s a nice tool if you travel a lot by plane.

Tiny Armies

Tiny Armies

A game right on your wrist. Its minimalist system fits on the watch screen as well as on the screen of other devices. You can even use it directly in iMessage. It’s not free, but it only costs $0.99.

It’s a strategy game where you have a small army and must conquer your opponent’s army. A kind of three-on-three where you have to move your pieces around the board, overcome obstacles, and end up with all your opponent’s cards.

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