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Tech journalist with over eight years of experience. I specialize in mobile devices, PCs and consumer tech, as well as software and apps. Head of Xataka Basics, where less knowledgeable readers will find tech concepts explained plain and simple. LinkedIN

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June 2024

  1. 13 June
  2. AirTag Not Connecting: A List of Common Connection Issues and How to Fix Them
  3. 12 June
  4. How to Install the iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and watchOS 11 Developer Betas
  5. 09 June
  6. The Best Words to Start Off With on Wordle to Increase Your Chances of Figuring Out the Word of the Day
  7. 08 June
  8. Google Maps vs. Apple Maps: What Features Do They Have and What Are Their Main Differences?
  9. 06 June
  10. Spatial Audio: What It Is, How It Works, and Compatible Devices and Apps
  11. 03 June
  12. FreeDOS: What It Is, Where It Came From, and Why It's Still in Use
  13. 02 June
  14. ‘Have I Been Trained?’ Is a Site That Helps You Find Out if Your Data and Work Have Been Used to Train AI

May 2024

  1. 30 May
  2. Copilot+ Explained: What It Is, What New Functions It Add to Windows 11, and What You Need to Use It
  3. 25 May
  4. GPT-4o: What Is It and How Is It Different From GPT-4?
  5. 22 May
  6. Here Are 4 Paid ChatGPT Features That Will Now Be Free With GPT-4o
  7. What are TOPS? What Do They Measure, and How They Useful in AI?
  8. 04 May
  9. How to Use Telegram Without a Phone Number
  10. The 18 Best Free Driving Games for PC
  11. GCam: What It Is and How to Install It to Improve Photos on Android Phones
  12. 03 May
  13. How to Transfer Stickers From Telegram to WhatsApp Quickly and Easily With Sticker Maker
  14. How to Check the Price History of a Steam Game
  15. Galaxy AI: What Is It, Features and Supported Samsung Devices
  16. The 12 Best Alexa Games: The Ultimate List and How to Install Them
  17. 02 May
  18. The 21 Best Free Offline Games for Your Android or iPhone
  19. 91 Google Docs Templates to Organize Your Life
  20. How to Transfer Your Contacts From Android to iPhone
  21. How to Check if a Link is Safe Before Clicking It
  22. How to Use ChatGPT to Create Excel Formulas

April 2024

  1. 24 April
  2. Best Free Mobile Games of 2024
  3. 21 April
  4. The 17 Best Arduino Simulators for PC
  5. 17 April
  6. Humanize AI: How to Make Your Texts Generated by ChatGPT and Other Services More Natural
  7. 21 Google Games and Google Doodles Games You Can Play Without Installing Anything
  8. The 23 Best Free PC Games: Shooter, MMORPG, Racing, and Strategy Video Games
  9. iOS 17.3 New Features: Changes and Improvements Coming to the Latest iPhone and iPad Update
  10. How to See Old Versions of a Website: View Google’s Cached Pages or Visit Archive.org
  11. How to Delete All Your Twitter Posts All at Once
  12. I Forgot my SIM Card PIN, What Can I Do?
  13. 16 April
  14. How to Delete Your Telegram Account Permanently
  15. Best Android Emulators for PC
  16. 12 April
  17. GTA V Cheats: All the Codes, Unlocks, Quick Cash and Secret Tricks
  18. 11 April
  19. How to Delete Your Instagram Account
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