91 Google Docs Templates to Organize Your Life

Google’s word processor includes useful templates for your convenience–from letters and resumes to project proposals and class notes.

Google Docs Template
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We’ve compiled a collection of 91 templates for Google Docs, which is an online word processor included in Google Drive. It’s an excellent alternative to Microsoft Office, and as long as you have a Google account, you can access it for free.

This list includes useful and varied options, which range from letters to all sorts of work and educational documents, as well as designs for personal use.

Most of the templates here are designed by Google. In 2017, the company removed a large ecosystem of third-party templates. However, we’ve managed to recover some of them and have also added some recent ones created by other companies and individuals. Please note that we’ve focused only on templates for Google Docs and not for other Drive apps such as Google Sheets.

As you’ll see below, some of the included templates don't have a direct link. This is because, as they’re official templates, Google generates a personal link. To access them, you may need to look for them in the template gallery.

How to Edit Google Docs Templates

Google Docs Template

In this collection, you’ll find 3 types of templates. Some are already in edit mode and are automatically added to your Drive when you start working on them. Others open in a preview page, and to use them, you need to click the Use template button or use the Make a copy option at the top right of the screen, under the File menu.

Google Docs Template

Additionally, there are read-only templates. To use them, you need to create a copy–click on the File option in the top toolbar and select Create a copy from the drop-down menu. This will create a duplicate that you can edit in your own Google Drive.

Resume Templates

  • Blue Rays Resume: A template designed with blue and dark colors to help you organize your resume. It comes with sections for your career goals, studies, work experience, and skills. You can easily edit and adapt it to your needs.
  • Cabin in the Red, by Rachel: A minimalist and clean template with a white background and normal text. It has some maroon highlights to draw attention (but not too much).
  • Creative Two Page Resume, by Rachel: Another clean and minimalist template that divides the data into two columns on the main page. The second page is reserved for other professional experiences.
  • Curriculum For Reddit, by Graysonds: A template designed for Reddit users. It has a clean and tidy look and tastefully placed elements.
  • Fancy Resume, by Rachel: Like the rest of the templates by the same author, this is a clean and minimalist resume with additional structured sections.
  • Lynx Resume Template Rudy Red: The perfect template if you want to keep your resume compact. Although it may look a bit crowded, it’s well-organized and includes all the necessary information.
  • Merriweather Pro, by Rachel: A resume template that organizes all the content in two different columns. This helps you to include more information in less space without compromising on neatness and minimalism.
  • Modern Basic Resume, by Rachel: This flat, basic, minimalist, and simple template focuses on cleanliness over everything else.
  • Modern Pro, by Rachel: A simple yet complete template. It even has a space for you to add a quote or phrase about yourself to catch the recruiters’ attention.
  • Modern Resume, by GooDocs: An elegant and modern template, maybe the most eye-catching of the list. You’ll need to make a copy to edit it.
  • Modern Resume - Blue: This resume template features shades of blue. It’s simple and well-organized, and the font is small, so you can fit more information in less space.
  • Neptune Resume Template, by Craig: If you have a lot of information to include, this template offers a wider and longer resume with a cover letter at the beginning and two columns.
  • Resume with Border Designs, by Techies Tech Guide: This template has an elegant design with modern graphic details. The content is arranged in two paragraphs to optimize space.
  • Resume with Boxes, by Techies Tech Guide: Another modern template that features content organized in several boxes across two columns. It has a colorful and unique look.
  • Simple Pro 2, by Rachel: A simple but professional, with sections for multiple jobs without taking up too much space.

Personal Templates

  • Baby Shower Invitation, by GooDocs: Baby showers are popular among expectant mothers who want to celebrate the arrival of their baby with family and friends. This template can help you create personalized invitations that include the mother-to-be’s name, the date, and the location of the party.
  • Calendar 2021, by GooDocs: This template provides a nice visual representation of each month on separate pages. The only downside is that it’s still a 2021 calendar, but you can easily edit it to your liking.
  • Campaign Log Template, by YaAlex: The perfect template for organizing your Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Created by role-players, it includes all the necessary categories to keep track of your campaign progress.
  • Creative Flyer, by GooDocs: This template is an excellent tool for creating flyers for any purpose. It features multiple well-organized sections, colors, and icons to help you create professional-looking designs.
  • Elegant Newspaper, by GooDocs: This template provides a professional-looking design for a newspaper’s front page. You can use it to print your own news stories and even give your newly created media outlet a name.
  • Character Sheet, by Joshtmathews: A versatile character sheet with a colorful design for pen-and-paper role-playing game lovers.
  • D&D 5e Character Sheet, by AlvisDBridges: Similar to the previous one, but based on Dungeons & Dragons (5th edition) rules. This black-and-white template looks neat and complete.
  • Lost Pet Flyer: If you’ve lost your pet, use this template to create a missing poster with all the necessary information.
  • Food Diary: Use this template to keep track of everything you eat every day. Write down the description, quantity, and calories.
  • Funeral Program Flyer, by GooDocs: Unfortunately, death is a natural part of life, and you might have to organize a funeral at some point. This template can help you announce it when the time comes.
  • Minimal Wedding Invitation, by GooDocs: This elegant wedding invitation template has a central circular photo with the names of the couple, the date, and the address below. You can easily adapt it to your needs.
  • Music Party Poster, by GooDocs: If you’re organizing a music party, use this visual flyer template to put up the DJ’s name and date.
  • Birthday Reminder Page: Use this template to write down the birthdays of your close friends. This is for those who prefer to keep a paper copy instead of relying on their phone’s calendar.

Work Templates

  • Board Member Accountability Form, by The Management Center: This template is designed to hold a company’s board members accountable to each other and the organization they serve. It provides a means for structured reflection on each board member’s contributions.
  • Business Plan, by Smartsheets: This template includes everything you need to plan a business model, including a description of the company you want to create and everything related to what you need to consider.
  • Business Plan, by Google: This template is another option for designing a business plan, but it’s based on text instead of data tables. It’s very comprehensive and created by Google itself.
  • Business Plan with Social Impact Statement: This template is designed to help you create your business plan with a more casual look. It includes data on the social impact you want to have and is fully customizable.
  • Letterhead: This template doesn’t provide detailed instructions on what to write, but it does offer you a formal structure for your business letters.
  • Cityscape Letterhead: This simple template provides the structure of a business letter but includes a drawing of a city skyline to give it a more visual appeal.
  • Certificate of Appreciation, by GooDocs: This template is fully customizable and can be used to design a certificate of appreciation. It’s a very visual yet professional-looking design.
  • Communication Plan: This template is designed to help you create a communication plan for your company. It includes several fields to fill in and a clear structure for what you should write throughout the plan, including a table of contents.
  • Community Meeting Minutes: This template is designed to help you keep track of community meetings. You can include the topics you want to discuss, the attendees, and some fields to develop ideas and write down what will be discussed in future meetings.
  • Company Invoice, by GooDocs: This template can be used to design a professional-looking company invoice with appropriate colors and a section to include all the necessary information about the firm.
  • Press Release: This template can help you issue a press release with a visually appealing and colorful design that’s a bit casual.
  • Invoice, by Bitfactura: This light green template comes with fields for all the necessary information required to fill in an invoice.
  • Formal Meeting Agenda, by Smartsheet: This agenda is designed for formal meetings and includes fields for various items, their descriptions, schedules, and presenters. It also has additional fields for resources and notes.
  • Invoice - Professional (Cool): This invoice template uses flat colors to give it a colorful but professional look.
  • Medical Newspaper, by GooDocs: This black-and-white template can be used to design a medical newspaper that looks serious and elegant. You’ll need to make a copy to edit it.
  • Meeting Agenda - Studio: This French-style template is ideal for meeting agendas and ensures proper organization. It has colored titles but is otherwise elegant and discreet.
  • Receipt, by Smartsheet: This template can be used to create a detailed receipt in various shades of blue, making it colorful without being too loud.
  • Red Blocks Business Card: This template allows you to create several business cards per page and includes spaces for all necessary information about your company.
  • Restaurant Menu, by GooDocs: This template can be used to design a more casual but equally attractive and professional-looking restaurant menu.

Education Templates

  • Little League Newsletter: This is a simple template for creating newsletters. It’s made with plain text to give you an idea of how they can be created.
  • Class Notes: This template is designed to help you keep track of notes in class. You can write your name at the top of the sheet, and then use two columns: one for the title and one for the notes themselves.
  • Online Courses Flyer, by GooDocs: This template can be very helpful if you’re planning to organize online courses. You can enter the days on which the courses will take place and the subject and include information about the subscription and payment.
  • Lesson Plan, by Google: This template is great for organizing your lessons. You can include notes and a summary of the lesson, and use the right column with boxes for the agenda, objectives, questions, and different points to be covered.
  • Syllabus, by Google: This template is similar to the previous one in terms of aesthetics, but it’s adapted for a summary of the course planning rather than a single lesson.
  • Student Report: This template is designed for students to complete their school work. It includes an appendix for the bibliography at the bottom.

Google Templates

We’ll end this template collection with Google’s own. You can access all of them through this link: https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/?ftv=1. These templates are designed for both personal and work-related purposes, including project management.

You can find all these templates below:

  • Class Notes - Playful: This template is youthful, colorful, and casual but still organized. It’s perfect for adding some personality to your class notes.
  • Class Notes - Paperback: This template has a vintage look and yellowish paper. It’s great for keeping your notes organized in a stylish way.
  • Class Notes - Luxe: If you prefer a more minimalist and serious look, this template is for you. It’s still organized but has a touch of luxury.
  • Newsletter - Lively: This template is perfect for writing a newsletter in diary format. You can add images and entries with a date and whatever text you want.
  • Newsletter - Plum: This template looks more like an article. You can add a header photo and then write your text underneath.
  • Newsletter - Geometric: Another newsletter template, but with geometric figures and some colorful touches.
  • Resume - Coral: This minimalist resume uses elegant coral headers and takes up very little space.
  • Resume - Swiss: This template is also minimalist but has space on the left for you to add the categories and bullet points on the right to fill in your information.
  • Resume - Serif: This resume card has two columns to save space and give it a modern look while maintaining a classic serif font.
  • Resume - Spearmint: This template is similar to the coral resume but has a different header and green colors.
  • Resume - Modern Writer: This peculiar resume has a similar structure to the mint and coral templates, but uses a typewriter font for a modern yet classic look.
  • Letter - Spearmint: This template is great for writing a simple letter, with a green line at the top for a pop of color.
  • Letter - Swiss: This letter template is tabbed, with a blank column on the left where you can write your name and other information about yourself.
  • Business Letter: This template is designed for writing a formal letter in a corporate setting. It includes spaces for your company’s information and has a casual design with colorful details.
  • Business Letter - Modern Writer: This template is similar to the previous one but with a more serious tone. It uses a typewriter font and lacks any colorful details.
  • Informal Letter: Use this template to write a letter to a friend or loved one. It has a simple yet aesthetic design and includes a big greeting and a header as a headline.
  • Pet Resume: This template is perfect for creating a card with all the essential information about your pet, including their photo, owner’s details, personality traits, and any special care requirements.
  • Brochure - Modern Writer: This template allows you to create a document of your choice, with spaces for photos, information, and quotes. It has a modern look and uses a typewriter-like font.
  • Brochure - Geometric: This brochure template is designed to showcase one product. It has space for only one photo and fewer frills, so you can focus more on your product.
  • Report - APA: This template is perfect for creating a plain text report without any colors or graphic elements. It has some margins and centered text to make it visually appealing.
  • Report - Playful: Use this template to create a more casual report. It includes a drawing, a world map, and colored text to make it more visually appealing.
  • Report - Luxe: This template is perfect for creating a detailed and sophisticated report. It includes lines of the same color above and below to delimit the text and has space for an image in the header.
  • Report - MLA: This template is similar to the APA report, with plain text, double-spaced, and no colors or graphic elements. It’s already divided into sections to help you structure your report.
  • Report - Simple: This template is designed for creating a report without much complication. It includes space for an image on the first page next to the title and tables for the data.
  • Meeting Notes - Modern Writer: Use this template to record everything related to a meeting, such as attendees, agenda, notes, and tasks. It uses a font that emulates a typewriter.
  • Meeting Notes - Tropic: This colored template is designed for taking notes on incidents, attendees, topics discussed, and any other relevant information at a meeting.
  • Meeting Notes - Coral: This template is similar to the previous one but has a more minimalistic design.
  • Onboarding Notes - Spearmint: This template is designed to create a comprehensive document that you can give to new employees when they join your company. The document includes a welcome note and explains everything related to your company, resources, and tasks to perform once they start working.
  • Lesson Plan: This template is designed to help you organize a lesson program in class. It includes a summary at the beginning and several sections that you can customize according to your requirements.
  • Lesson Plan - Playful: This template is another lesson plan with a much more casual and colorful look. It includes a drawing at the beginning but is still comprehensive.
  • Lesson Plan - Simple: An alternative template for a lesson plan that is much cleaner and minimalist, with fewer elements.
  • Project Proposal - Tropic: This two-page template is designed to help you create a project proposal. The cover page has room for an image, and the second page includes headings to put the overview, objectives, specifications, or milestones.
  • Project Proposal - Spearmint: This template is more minimalistic than the previous one. It has the same sections but no space for images.
  • Project Proposal - Geometric: This template is yet another project proposal that includes geometric figures in the same colors as other details in the document to give it a little something while maintaining a serious look.
  • Recipe - Coral: This template is designed to help you create a cooking recipe with a photo and step-by-step instructions. The color motif used in this template is coral.
  • Essay - Playful: This template is great for the youngest members of the family who need to write an essay. It includes space for an image at the top, a title, and the body copy.
  • Essay - Paperback: This template is designed for academic essays and has a yellowish page background. You can add a title in two colors for the title and subtitle, an image, and all the text you want.
  • Book Report: This template is designed to help you write a complete review of a book divided into several sections and analyze it in-depth.
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