I Forgot my SIM Card PIN, What Can I Do?

If you don’t remember your PIN, we’ll tell you what you can do

Forgot SIM card PIN
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We will explain how to reset your SIM card PIN if you lost it. If you forget your PIN, not only will you not be able to access your phone, but even if you set a password to unlock it, you still won’t have access to your carrier and calling features without your SIM card PIN.

If you mistype the PIN several times, your SIM will be blocked. Changing the PIN is easy if you know it, Android and iOS have options, but if you don’t, you must resort to the PUK code that every operator will have given you to reset it. Therefore, we will not only tell you how to use the PUK code to change the SIM card PIN but also how to get the PUK itself if you do not have it.

Set a New SIM Card PIN With the PUK Code

With the SIM card PIN, your mobile network operator will always give you an eight-digit PUK code. This is used both to unlock the SIM if you enter the wrong PIN three times, and to reset the PIN by entering a new one without using the old one if you forget it. It is not a number you will use all the time, but a kind of master security code in case the main PIN fails.

Once you have the PUK number, you need to open the phone call application, enter the code **05*PUK*NewPIN*NewPIN#, and then press the call button. For example, if we have a PUK 01234567 and want to set the PIN 4321, it will look like this **05*01234567*4321*4321#.

How to Get Your PUK Code

Puk code example

The PUK code is usually included in the original envelope or package that your cellular company sends you with your SIM card. It is not printed on the SIM itself for security reasons but is usually on the same card that you remove the SIM from, or on an additional piece of paper that comes with it. You can recognize it because it says PUK and is an eight-digit code.

If You Can’t Find it, Contact Your Mobile Network Operator

If you do not have the envelope, you can still obtain the PUK code from your mobile network operator. In this case, you will need to verify your identity by answering security questions or by accessing your control panel by entering your username and password. Although the process varies from provider to provider, there are four ways to do it.

  • By logging into the customer section of your service operators website. You will find a section where you can check the PUK code for your phone number.
  • The official app. This usually offers almost the same options as the online customer section, but directly on the mobile phone. It is not as common to include the PUK code as the customer section on their website, but if you already have the app installed, it never hurts to check.
  • Calling by phone. If none of the ways above works for you because you don’t have a registered username and password and your SIM is not operational, you can always call by phone. The operator will need to verify your identity, and then you will receive the PUK code, sometimes via SMS.
  • In an official store. If you prefer to do it face to face, this is one of the procedures that you can probably do directly in an official store of your mobile network operator.

It would be impossible for us to create a detailed list of all the options for all cellular companies, but we have created a chart that shows you how to get the PUK code from the major American mobile operators.





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