How to Safely Clean and Remove Dirt From Your iPhone Charging Port

Occasionally, it's important to check to see if you need to clean your iPhone's charging port to remove debris that may slow down its charging process.

How to safely clean and remove dirt from the iPhone charging port
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If you want to know how to clean your iPhone charging port without damaging it, follow these simple tips, which you can also use on other devices.

A dirty charging port can prevent your phone from charging correctly, and if you clean it carelessly, you can damage it. Nowadays, the new iPhone models use a USB Type-C charger, so it’s not so easy to clean them because the slot in the middle of the charging port. Below we'll go over how to do it carefully.

Cleaning Your iPhone's Charging Port

You should know that Apple has made no official statement on this matter and doesn’t mention the charging port in its cleaning instructions. The easiest way to avoid problems is to take your iPhone to an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Center for maintenance. However, if you want to do it yourself, we’ll suggest the safest method to use just as long as you’re careful.

Before starting, it's advisable to turn off the iPhone to avoid damaging it or clicking the wrong buttons while holding it. In addition, it's important to act with the utmost care since you’ll be touching one of the phone's essential components, which allows you to charge it.

Secondly, placing the charging port under a light source is convenient.  Anything from a flashlight to a lamp or a sunny window will work. This way, you can see how dirty it might be inside and check your progress after each step.

A wooden toothpick used to clean an iPhone charging port

To begin, carefully use the tip of a wooden toothpick. Insert it into the receptor slot and carefully remove any debris inside. It’s best to use one of those round sticks with the thinnest tip possible and not use too much force so you don't break the center of the connector.

Don’t put anything on the tip of the toothpick, including absorbent cotton, as this can increase the chance of leaving residue inside. In addition, don’t use metal tools, as they will damage the charging port. If necessary, gently rub the tip of the toothpick against the inside walls of the port, constantly checking to ensure that no dirt remains.

Be especially careful with the center of the port and try not to touch it. Notably, Apple doesn’t recommend using compressed air to clean the charging port. However, you can use it carefully by holding the device upright and giving it a few small, short blasts of air. It should remove the dust instantly.

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