How to Transfer Stickers From Telegram to WhatsApp Quickly and Easily With Sticker Maker

Transfer your favorite Telegram stickers to WhatsApp or iMessage with this app.

How to transfer stickers from Telegram to WhatsApp quickly and easily with Sticker Maker
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Here’s how to transfer stickers from Telegram to WhatsApp. It’s not a complicated process, but we will tell you about the fastest way by using a Telegram bot. In addition to this tool, you’ll need Sticker Maker, one of the best apps for creating WhatsApp stickers.

One of the major features of Telegram is the ease of creating and adding sticker packs -you can find a big community dedicated to making them. Because of this pool of creators, there is a pack you would like to use in WhatsApp, and we want to show you how.

And even though you can now create stickers directly in WhatsApp, you may still find some fun packs in Telegram, where there is usually more creativity. That's why it never hurts to remember this method.

Take Your Telegram Stickers to WhatsApp

Sticker maker app

The first step is to install the Sticker Maker app, available on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. It is free and lets you create sticker packs for your WhatsApp.


Once you have installed this app, you must log in to Telegram and start a conversation with the Telegram Stickers to WhatsApp Transfer bot. You can access this bot through the link or by opening a new chat and using the search engine to find it.

Telegram Stickers to WhatsApp bot

Once you open a chat with the bot, click the Start button to use it.

Telegram Stickers to WhatsApp Bot

Once you have started the bot, send one of the stickers from the pack you want to transfer to WhatsApp. Open the sticker finder and use the one you like, or start typing an emoji to get similar stickers.

Telegram Stickers to WhatsApp Bot

When you send a sticker, the bot will send you a downloadable with the complete pack. Click on the download button, which is the one with the down arrow. Once downloaded, click on the sticker pack in the same Telegram conversation to open it.

Telegram Stickers to WhatsApp

When you click on the downloaded pack, a window will pop up asking you what app you want to use to open it. You must select the Sticker Maker option to run the pack with it.

Telegram Stickers to WhatsApp Bot 6

Then, Sticker Maker will open with the stickers from the pack you executed automatically loaded. That means you do not have to add anything to the app; stickers are already there. All you have to do is click on the Add option in the library. By the way, if you use iOS instead of Android, you can also send them to iMessage.

Stickers from Telegram in WhatsApp

After seeing some ads on Sticker Maker, which is how the app makes money, you will finally be able to import the sticker pack to WhatsApp. After opening the messaging app, you will automatically see the option to add the stickers. You can start using them whenever you want.

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