How to Delete All Your Twitter Posts All at Once

Going through all your tweets one by one can be time-consuming–here's how to get rid of all your posts in bulk.

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In this guide, you’ll learn how to delete all your Twitter posts in bulk without having to delete them one by one. We understand that going through 3,000 tweets accumulated over the last 10 years can be time-consuming. Plus, this trick will let you choose to keep the most recent messages if you wish.

To delete your tweets all at once, we will be using a third-party app that requires access to your Twitter account. This app will have permission to write and delete your posts, which is why it’s essential to be cautious.

Once you have finished deleting your messages, we recommend revoking access to the web by going to your Twitter privacy settings. In the Security and account access section, look for the list of linked apps and remove the third-party application from there.

Delete All Your Tweets

Delete Twitter

The easiest way to delete all your tweets is by using the tool, although we will recommend an alternative method later on. In either case, the first step is always to grant permission for the app to access your account. You’ll be redirected to an authorization page where you’ll have to click the Authorize app button, acknowledging that you’re granting it full control over your account. Therefore, it’s vital to revoke access later.

Delete Twitter

To use, log in with your Twitter account and grant the app access. Then, click the Delete tweets button to start the process. Keep in mind that these websites are limited. You can only delete a maximum of 3,200 tweets at a time. For more extensive deletions, you will have to pay.

Delete Twitter

To configure the type of deletion you want to perform, you have the following options:

  • Age of tweets to delete: Choose the age of the messages you want to delete in bulk. For example, you can delete all tweets older than 3 months.
  • Only tweets containing this word/phrase: This is an optional setting that lets you delete only messages containing a certain word or phrase.
  • Run this task: If you select Once only, you will perform the deletion once. However, you can also choose to do periodic deletions.

Once you have set up the deletion, check the box to accept the TweetDelete terms and click on Delete my tweets. The process may take several minutes, but you can exit the site and let it run.

Delete Twitter

If you’re an advanced user, there’s also a more flexible option called This website lets you select tweets by hand to do a mass deletion. It may not be as fast as the previous option, but it allows you to make a specific selection of messages to delete.

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