The 18 Best Free Driving Games for PC

Here’s a list of our favorite racing games that you can play on your Windows computer at no cost.

Racing Games
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At Xataka, we’ve put together a list of the 18 best free driving and racing games for PC. In a separate article, we’ve listed the best free PC games, but here you’ll find our favorite games for car and speed fans.

It’s important to note that we’ve included several subgenres. Therefore, not all games are strictly racing games. However, they all have one thing in common—they involve driving or racing. We’ve made this decision to offer a wide variety of different game types so that the list isn’t full of almost identical games.

Most of the games on this list are free-to-play, which means that you can download them at no cost. To generate revenue, developers often include micropayments for additional perks or to unlock certain features. However, you’ll also find some open-source and totally free games that are full-featured, and where there are no payment options.

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We’ll start with a game that’s difficult to categorize since it’s a mix of arcade and driving genres. Players need to drive a flying vehicle and follow a marked path through a massive city. The goal is to progress as far as possible and earn points for as long as you can stay on track.

The mechanics are simple: follow the path marked by infinite markers to earn points. You can also earn higher scores by passing multiple markers simultaneously, using combos. You must also avoid buildings, as crashing will end the game.

Copa Petrobras de Marcas

This free-to-play simulator game is the official game of Brasileiro de Marcas, a Brazilian touring car racing series. You’ll experience the thrill of competing with car models from different manufacturers and some of the main tracks. The game doesn’t have any microtransactions or use pay-to-win systems.

The circuits and cars are modeled well, and the physics are realistic. However, the graphics engine is a bit old. It’s a simulation game, so it’s better enjoyed with a steering wheel. If you prefer more casual titles, you may find it a bit complicated.


This is an online multiplayer game of post-apocalyptic action. You must get in your vehicle or battle machine to face your rivals and destroy them. The game has an aesthetic inspired by Mad Max and offers player-vs-player battles in online mode.

The entry-level game is free, but you’ll need to pay to play several packs or DLCs. Players can create vehicles using a wide range of modules, with thousands of possible combinations, a huge arsenal, and the ability to trade with other players or buy car parts.

Disney Speedstorm

Disney Speedstorm is a fun game similar to Mario Kart. It features Disney and Pixar characters, and while you can play alone, it’s most enjoyable in local or online multiplayer mode. To win, you’ll need to navigate sharp turns at high speeds, adapt to the tracks, and use your bonuses and skills strategically.

Late City Riders

Late City Riders is a single-player game with graphics that may not be as impressive as other games on this list, but it has an interesting concept. You won’t be racing against other players, but instead, you’ll have to beat the clock and complete a course within a specific time frame.

Completing the course will be challenging, as it involves curves, slopes, and jumps that require precise timing and skill. You may also collide with other cars, causing your character to fall off and start competing with another car. The game has 20 different levels which escalate in difficulty, so there’s no time to get bored.

Nitro Nation 6

Nitro Nation 6 is a drag race game in which players compete to see who can cover a certain distance first. Also available on mobile devices, this game requires players to focus on accelerating and changing gears at the right moment. There are no swerving or impossible curves in this game.

Real cars are featured in the game, and players can improve their vehicles in the garage by purchasing upgrades using the money earned in the race or from their own pockets.

Project CARS - Pagani Edition

Project CARS is an excellent racing game inspired by classics like Gran Turismo. The free version is limited to five vehicles and two tracks, but it’s a great way to experience a top-level game without paying.

The game includes the Pagani Huayra, Huayra BC, Zonda Cinque, Zonda R, and Zonda Revolucion cars, as well as the Nürburgring and Nordschleife, Monza GP, and Côte d'Azur tracks. It also includes full virtual reality support and single-race and time-trial modes.

RaceRoom Racing Experience

RaceRoom Racing Experience is a racing game that is constantly being developed and has a strong social aspect to it. It offers several game modes and is free to play. The game comes with five vehicles and two tracks to compete in, which you can expand by purchasing additional content from its online store. The store features over 25 official manufacturers and tracks from around the world.

The game has three difficulty levels, and you can play it alone in single-player mode or with others in multiplayer mode. You can choose to play the free version or pay for additional content. From time to time, there are sponsored competitions and events that allow you to play some paid content for free.

Racing Classics: Drag Race Simulator

Racing Classics: Drag Race Simulator is a game that focuses on drag race competitions. You can compete using classic cars from the 1970s and 1980s. The game includes 16 cars and offers different challenges and arcade modes. It also features a story mode with 45 levels.

Each classic car in the game has its original stock performance, but you can collect points (or pay for them) to upgrade and customize your cars to perform better. The game includes online rankings and retro-style 3D graphics.

Speed Dreams

Speed Dreams is a 3D racing simulator with impressive graphics that is completely open source. Although it was originally created for GNU/Linux, it can also be played on other operating systems. The best part about this game is that it’s free of charge and you won’t find any locked car models or features that require you to pay to enjoy the full experience.

It’s a fork of the TORCS simulator, which you’ll find further down on this list. However, it has added rival cars, more tracks, and new options that give it a more competitive feel. It also has new menus, so even though it’s based on another game in the list, it feels like a completely different title.

Super TuxKart

Super TuxKart features Tux, Linux’s penguin, as the main character. It’s an open-source project and one of the most classic car games available for GNU/Linux and other operating systems.

The game is an alternative to Super Mario Kart, and it follows the same track. You’ll have to choose a character among the different mascots of open-source projects and race on colorful tracks while collecting power-ups that help you overcome your rivals.

Top Speed 2: Racing Legends

This game offers a variety of sports cars for you to compete with. The competitions are focused on speed, rather than driving, maneuvering, or taking curves. To win, you’ll need to concentrate on changing gears optimally.

The game has around 70 cars available for competition, each with hundreds of customization options. While you'll need money to customize your cars, the game does offer three game modes, three different maps, and timed events to compete in. Additionally, there’s a real-time multiplayer mode available.

TORCS - The Open Racing Car Simulator

TORCS is another open-source game that offers a complete, totally free experience. While the graphics are quite outdated, the game provides a large number of vehicles and tracks to choose from, and as an open-source game, there are several add-ons and modifications available online.

However, TORCS’s great peculiarity is that it allows you to program your own robots to drive these cars. To do this, you’ll need advanced programming knowledge. Alternatively, you can simply enjoy the game as a racing game with good physics and support for all types of controls.


Trackmania is a thrilling racing game that allows you to compete against other players online or play alone on a variety of tracks that require creativity and skill. With the track editor, you can create your own tracks and cars, letting your imagination run wild. This online game is played every three months on a campaign basis and features races and cups to participate in.

Trigger Rally

Trigger Rally is a single-player off-road rally game where your goal is to reach each checkpoint in time to complete the race. While the gameplay leans more towards arcade than simulation, it’s a fun and accessible title for casual gamers.

The game boasts over 200 maps with various terrain types such as sand, asphalt, dirt, and ice, as well as different weather conditions, light, and fog. You’ll have a co-driver who will give you directions to make the experience more realistic. Although the graphics are not the game’s strong point, it’s a fully-featured and completely free game.


VDrift is an open-source racing game that is completely free and doesn’t include any microtransactions. It features 45 real-world tracks and allows you to drive up to 39 real cars. You can choose your favorite car from the beginning.

The game supports keyboard, mouse, controller, and steering wheel inputs. It’s designed to provide a realistic driving experience and includes multiple camera modes. You can also use aids such as automatic gear shifting to make it easier to use. However, the game’s graphics are its weak point, but considering it’s a free game, it’s not too bad.


Vecter is not a racing game but an infinite runner where players must survive the obstacles that come their way. It’s a fast-paced experience for speed lovers. The game creator assures that it’s entirely free since, to him, this is more of a hobby than a professional job. The game has colorful vector aesthetics, and you can add your MP3s to it.

AXIOM Soccer

Let’s end with a game that should’ve been at the top of the list alphabetically, but it’s so unique that we’ve decided to leave it until the end, almost as a bonus. It’s a mixture of driving and soccer, where you play matches using drones instead of actual players.

It’s similar to Rocket League but with shooter elements. You drive your car around the field and shoot the ball using one of five different types of weapons at your disposal.

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