These Are the 17 Best Workout Apps for iOS and Android

Here are the best apps to use for your workout routines at home or in the gym, regardless of what type of phone you have.

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There are a lot of exercise apps out there, but nobody needs all that clutter. As such, we've narrowed them down for you with our list of the 17 best exercise apps that offer various workouts and individual exercises that you can do at home or at the gym. Whether you’re looking to get in shape or simply want to try something new, you should consider giving one of these apps a shot.

Here, we’ll focus on cross-platform apps with versions available for both Android and iPhone users. In fact, we’ll include links to download each app from the app stores for both operating systems. While some apps are paid, many offer free versions with the option to upgrade for additional features.

These are the apps we consider the best of the moment, but we fully acknowledge that there may be others that deserve a spot on the list. If there's one we missed, feel free to let us know in the comments section!

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Home Workout - No Equipment

Home Workout App

If you plan to work out at home, this app is one of the best options. It offers a variety of exercises that you can do at home without needing to go to the gym. The app also features a wide range of exercises and training routines. The best part is that you can do most of them using just your body weight and without having to purchase any equipment.

The app provides pre-established workout routines and allows you to create and customize your own, including stretching and warm-up exercises. It also lets you track your progress with graphs, provides reminders, and includes videos and animations to help you learn how to perform the exercises.

Caliber Strength Training

Caliber Strength Training App

If you’re willing to pay, this is one of the best options available. However, it’s quite pricey, with the cheapest plan starting at $19 per month and the most expensive one at $200 per month. The high price tag is due to the fact that you get direct access to personal trainers.

The free version doesn't have ads and comes with a library of more than 500 exercises, each with video demos and written instructions. If you want more, the paid version offers group workout sessions with trainers in the cheaper tier and one-on-one training in the more expensive tier.

30 Day Fitness Challenge

30 Day Fitness App

This app has an intriguing concept: a 30-day training plan. The plan begins with gentle exercises and gradually increases in intensity each day. The app has a free version with limited access and a paid version that provides unlimited access to all its features.



This app is already a classic and a great tool for planning and tracking your workouts. It’s available for smartphones, and you can also use it on your smartwatch for a distraction-free workout experience.

JEFIT offers a library of over 1,400 exercises and thousands of workout plans that you can customize to suit your needs. It also features a rest timer and an intuitive system for tracking your exercise routines.


Sweat App

This is a fitness app designed for women by a professional personal trainer. It offers several 28-minute workouts that require minimal equipment. Although the app is paid, it comes with a free trial.

Seven - 7 Minute Workout

Seven - 7 Minute Workout App

Here’s an app that eliminates the excuse of not having time to exercise. The app creates daily training sessions that only take seven minutes to complete and can be done at any convenient time.

As such, the app provides high-intensity workouts that can be done anywhere, including at home, along with personalized exercise plans. It offers a total of 200 exercises and allows you to specify your fitness goal and level so that the app can tailor the routine to your needs.


AimHarder App

This app is free and designed for at-home training, especially for inexperienced athletes. It provides instructional videos for each exercise and offers recommendations to help you maximize your workouts.

You can save your workouts to track your workout history and share them with others. The app allows you to customize your workouts, provides a Workout of the Day, and helps you analyze your strengths and weaknesses so you can work on them.


Blogilates App

This app is one of the top free options available for exercising, although a paid version with additional features is also available. The app includes exercise demonstrations through videos, incorporating movements from pilates and calisthenics, and workouts combining weights and cardio.


Strava App

Strava is one of the best apps for recording your exercises when you go running. It offers both free and paid versions and is an ideal companion for running, cycling, or brisk walking. As such, it allows you to track your sessions and monitor your progress.

In total, the app supports 31 sports, including hiking, yoga, and many more. It has no structured exercises, but it’s designed to track your activities. One advantage of the paid version is access to mountain routes, but the free version is also very comprehensive and you can use it on your smartwatch.

8fit Workouts & Meal Planner

8fit App

The app offers a wide variety of workouts and meal plans, with a focus on guided workouts with instructions. While the free version has only a few options, the full version, which costs $80 per year, offers a large selection.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club App

Apps developed by sports brands are also available. Nike, for instance, has created an app focusing on home workouts. The app offers nearly 200 exercises of all types, aiming to improve both physical and mental strength.

The exercises cover a wide range of areas, including strength, endurance, yoga, and mobility. Users can select the type of workout and the duration they prefer. Additionally, many exercises offer variations that can be performed with or without equipment.


Centr App

This paid app costs $30 per month and offers a seven-day free trial. It’s known for being one of the most comprehensive apps available, offering a wide variety of home and gym training programs as well as specific diet plans.


Strong App

Are you into strength training? Whether you’re following Starting Strength, Strong Lift, 5x5, or other programs, this app is perfect for you. You can log all your workouts and track your body measurements to monitor your progress over time.

The app provides several types of graphs to visualize your progress, as well as a log of your personal records and workout history. You can also create custom training sessions with a timer and detailed exercise explanations.


Fiit App

Whether you want to lose weight, get stronger, improve flexibility, or simply relax and reduce stress, this app provides high-quality workouts. You can choose from a range of exercise routines and even work with personal trainers.

The full version of the app requires a $10 monthly subscription fee. However, a free version is available for you to try out first. The free version includes access to group classes at no cost. Then, you can upgrade to the paid version if you wish to participate in individual classes. The app offers functional fitness workouts, HIIT, yoga, and breathing exercises.

Total Fitness

Total Fitness App

This app also allows you to train at home and includes more than 100 different exercises. Each exercise comes with an explanation, including videos and images, as well as useful information about the muscles involved.

In addition, you’ll be able to plan your weekly workouts with different routines and choose whether you want the training sessions to be light or intense when setting them up. The app also provides guided routines, challenges to push yourself, training tips, and graphs to track your progress.

Gymboss Interval Timer

Gymboss App

This free app with in-app purchases replicates a Gymboss-branded interval timer. It allows you to use pre-programmed workouts of various types or create your own, including editing intervals and breaks.

The app also integrates with your playlists, so you can listen to music while using it without ever leaving the app. Additionally, it provides sound signals to indicate progress and remaining rounds without needing to check your phone.

Virtuagym Fitness

Virtuagym Fitness App

This app allows you to design workouts and access more than 4,000 exercise explainers. The app provides pre-defined workouts and allows you to choose whether to do them at home or at the gym.

You can also create your own personalized routines, and the app offers reminders and a reward system to keep you motivated. Additionally, you can track more than 30 different workout parameters.

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