These Are the Best Podcast Apps for Every Type of User

Do you enjoy podcasts? These apps offer various ways to listen to them.

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Not all podcast apps, and not all podcast listeners, are the same. In this post, we've broken down the best podcast apps based on what you want to do with them. Whether you want to organize your podcasts, engage with other users, or listen while exercising or driving, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve divided the article into sections, each featuring a short list of selected apps. Some apps, especially the best ones, might be repeated, as they’re versatile and can be used in multiple areas.

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Apps to Discover New Podcasts

Let’s begin with a list of podcast apps designed for people wanting to discover new podcasts. With these apps, you can explore numerous podcasts and save the ones that interest you the most.

  • Spotify: This is not only the most important music streaming platform out there, but it’s recently also focused a lot on being one of the best for podcasts. It has a large catalog and many algorithms to make recommendations based on your tastes. Link:
  • Castbox: This app boasts a catalog of 259 million podcasts, all organized in sections. This, coupled with a powerful search engine and interest-based suggestions, makes it an app worth considering. Link:
  • PocketCasts: This is one of the most powerful podcast apps, which, in addition to a very careful design, also offers custom recommendations created based on your personal tastes or hand-selected by experts. Link:
  • Podyssey: This is a social app and community for podcast enthusiasts. In fact, the community focuses on discovering new podcasts, so you’ll always find something interesting to listen to within the app. Link:
  • Overcast: It’s a popular iPhone-only app for podcasts. It offers features like intelligent playback speed, voice enhancement, and excellent recommendations based on your interests. Link:

Apps to Organize and Manage Your Podcasts

Man listening to podcast

Let’s now explore podcast apps that are particularly useful for organizing and managing all the podcasts you follow. These apps offer numerous options for organizing shows and creating folders to keep them in the desired order.

  • Podcast Addict: This app allows you to organize all the content you want to listen to, including podcasts, audiobooks, YouTube channels, and RSS feeds. You can customize the look and feel of the app for each podcast. It’s one of the best podcast apps available. Link:
  • PocketCasts: This app allows you to create folders to store and sort your podcasts. It also offers filters and playlists. Link:
  • Podcast Republic: This platform offers various options, such as adding tags, creating playlists, and organizing podcasts efficiently. You can also add the same podcast to multiple lists for easier access. Link:
  • Player FM: With this app, you can customize and organize your playlists to your liking. Link:
  • Apple Podcasts: If you own an Apple device, you can use this native app to find and download podcasts. While it may not have extensive features, you can still download and organize podcasts for offline listening. Link:

Apps to Listen to Podcasts While Working Out

Woman listening to podcast while running

Next, we’ll explore some apps that are specifically designed for listening to podcasts while working out. While you can certainly listen to podcasts using any app while you exercise, these apps are specifically designed for this activity.

  • Strava: This is one of the most famous and popular sports apps globally. It added Spotify integration in 2023, allowing you to listen to music and podcasts while recording your workouts without switching between apps. Link:
  • Nike Run Club App: This app also integrates with Spotify and Apple Music, enabling you to listen to music and podcasts during your workout. Link:

Podcast Apps with Social Features

Two women listening to podcast

Now, we’ll dive into a collection of apps that let you to listen to podcasts and also leave comments and interact with other users. While there are numerous apps that offer these features, we’ll discuss some of the best out there.

  • Spotify: When it comes to music streaming platforms, Spotify stands out for its social features. You can follow other users and see what they’re listening to in real-time, including podcasts. Link:
  • Podchaser: This app isn’t for listening to podcasts. Instead, it’s a popular podcast database. Podcasts are organized into categories, and users can vote for their favorites. You can discover new podcasts, vote for them, comment on them, or follow users whose recommendations you trust the most. Link:
  • Castbox: This is an app that allows users to create public profiles. With these profiles, you can leave comments on podcasts and podcast episodes. You can also follow other users whose tastes interest you. Link:
  • GoodPods: This is a community of podcast enthusiasts where you can view each podcast’s followers, ratings, and comments from other users. It also features a profile system that allows you to follow people with similar tastes and see their ratings and recommendations. Link:

Apps to Listen to Podcasts in the Car

Man listening to podcast while driving

If you’re interested in listening to podcasts while driving, you’ll be pleased to know that the most popular podcast listening apps also support major smart systems for your car’s console, such as Android Auto and CarPlay.

  • PocketCasts: A highly-rated podcast app that works with Android Auto, allowing you to listen to podcasts while driving. Link:
  • TuneIn Radio: A popular app for listening to online radio and podcasts. It offers access to over 100,000 stations worldwide and can be used in the car. Link:
  • Overcast: A feature-rich third-party app for iOS that supports listening to podcasts in cars equipped with CarPlay. Link:

Apps to Listen to Podcasts on Smart Speakers

Woman listening to podcast on smart speaker

Finally, let’s discuss several apps for listening to podcasts on smart speakers. If you have smart speakers around the house, you can take your listening with you.

  • Spotify: Spotify is known for its compatibility with various devices, including cars and smart speakers of different brands. The app can be used on any of these devices. Link:
  • Apple Podcasts: If you’re part of the Apple ecosystem and use HomePods and Siri, the native Apple Podcasts app is simple yet versatile enough to be used with the brand’s smart speakers. Link:
  • PocketCasts: This is arguably one of the most comprehensive podcast apps. It has the ability to play on smart speakers, such as those using Alexa or Assistant. Link:
  • TuneIn Radio: This popular app for listening to online radios and podcasts can also be used on the main families of smart speakers. Link:

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