Chinese Tech Giant Uses Apple’s U1 Chip to Create the World’s Largest AirTag

Xiaomi, one of the biggest device makers in China, is selling a stroller embedded with Apple’s U1 chip that can be found via Apple’s ‘Find My’ network.

Xiaomi's stroller
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Fear of misplacing or losing strollers is apparently a big concern in China, at least according to the consumer tech giant Xiaomi. To tackle the problem, the company developed a trackable stroller. By doing so, it essentially created the biggest Apple AirTag on Earth.

Some of you may be asking, how did an Apple AirTag get into a Xiaomi product? Well, it’s not an actual AirTag. Xiaomi embedded the Kunpeng Pro with Apple’s U1 chip, which allows the stroller to be found through Apple’s ‘Find My’ network.

Besides being trackable, the Kenpeng Pro is also economical, costing roughly $290. Currently, it’s only available in China. (It might never be available in the U.S., as is currently the case with Xiaomi phones). However, the product is definitely interesting, and Apple’s U1 chip isn’t the only surprising thing.

A Compact Stroller You Can Track With Your iPhone

When folded, is smaller than a carry-on suitcase

With the stroller, Xiaomi clearly demonstrates that it wants consumers to become fans of its brand from a very young age. It includes Xiaomi’s mascot, Mitu, and is available in distinct colors. When folded, its dimensions are 25 x 23 x 15 inches, less than the average size of a carry-on suitcase, so it’s very versatile.

The stroller weighs only 15 pounds and has a shoulder handle for easy carrying when folded. When unfolded, you can adjust the handle to your height. It also includes a top canopy with three segments, which you can move to block more than 95% of ultraviolet rays, according to Xiaomi, so the baby’s skin is fully protected.

Xiaomi's stroller

In terms of materials, Xiaomi used a high-strength aluminum alloy in the stroller's frame of and structural steel with high-quality carbon for the parts responsible for supporting the weight. The wheels, which measure four inches and are made of polyurethane, feature individual cushioning, can rotate 360º, and even have a lock so that the stroller does not doesn’t move.

All in all, it looks like a solid option for a stroller that’s basically a rolling AirTag. And if we lose it, we’ll always know where it is thanks to Apple’s extensive ‘Find My’ network.

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Disclaimer: This article was originally published on Mundo Xiaomi. Xiaomi is one of Webedia’s publishing partners but does not have any influence on editorial content.

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