Samsung’s Latest Invention Is a Bluetooth Credit Card. It’s an Idea That Makes a Lot of Sense

You can find it using Samsung’s SmartThings Find network, although there’s a slight drawback.

Samsung's latest invention is a Bluetooth credit card
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Losing a credit card shouldn’t be common, but it may have already happened to you or someone you know. The solution to prevent this is much easier than you might think: add a Bluetooth chip to the card. Samsung has just unveiled an “IoT credit card” in South Korea. As the name suggests, this card is connected to Samsung’s SmartThings Find network, so it acts like any other trackable smart device.

Samsung, KB Kookmin Card, and American Express signed an agreement in September 2023 to launch Bluetooth Low Energy-compatible cards. The goal of implementing this tiny chip is clear: Tracking the card through Samsung’s network.

As such, it’s possible to check the card’s real-time location and where and when it was disconnected from our phone. Interestingly, you can also search for tour phone on the card by pressing a button at the bottom of the plastic. Of course, you have to pair both devices via Bluetooth.

The main drawback? This card’s battery lasts “about” 30 days per charge. It charges wirelessly, but you have to monitor the battery every month.

Samsung will launch the first cards in South Korea and then gradually roll out them to other markets. However, it didn’t mention when it would launch these cards outside its home country.

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