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Environmental economist and science journalist. For a few years, I worked as a researcher on the economics of climate change adaptation. Now I write about that and much more. LinkedIN

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June 2024

  1. 06 June
  2. We’ve Just Managed to Photograph Io Like Never Before. The New Photos Let Us Keep Track of Its Volcanic Activity From Earth
  3. 05 June
  4. In 2020, CRISPR Won the Nobel Prize for Revolutionizing Medical Science. Now, It’s Coming to a Salad Near You
  5. 03 June
  6. Some Experts Expect This Week’s Auroras to Be as Spectacular as the Ones We Saw Last Month. These Are Their Reasons
  7. With New Treatment, Regrowing Teeth Is One Step Closer to Becoming Reality

May 2024

  1. 31 May
  2. The Blue Crab Is One of the Most Dangerous Invasive Species in the Mediterranean. In Italy, They Have a Plan: Eat Them
  3. Cardio or Strength Training? Experts Says There’s No Debate on Which Is the Ideal Exercise After 50
  4. 29 May
  5. The James Webb Telescope Just Opened a Window to a Key Moment in the History of the Universe: The Birth of the First Galaxies
  6. 28 May
  7. Tattoos Have Been Normal for Years. They're on the Verge of Their Next Evolution: Becoming Biosensors
  8. 25 May
  9. The First Problems With the Neuralink Brain Implant Reveal Its Weakness: Its Conductive 'Wires'
  10. 24 May
  11. The ‘Doomsday Glacier’ Is Hiding Something Unexpected That Jeopardizes Its Existence
  12. 22 May
  13. Stephen Hawking Fell Short in His Prediction: The Universe Is Doomed To Evaporate
  14. 21 May
  15. The Psychology Behind Doomscrolling: The Trap Our Brains Are Programmed to Fall Into Again and Again
  16. 20 May
  17. Einstein’s Relativity May Not Reach All Corners of the Universe. Some Say It’s a ‘Cosmic Glitch’
  18. 18 May
  19. It's Not Just Auroras: The Sun Has Produced Its Biggest Flares in 20 Years. Here’s They Are As Seen From Space
  20. 17 May
  21. We've Long Known That Humans Carry Neanderthal DNA. Now, We’re Starting to Understand Its Implications
  22. 06 May
  23. Mysterious Objects in New Mars Images Aren't Swarms of Spiders, Scientists Say
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