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I write long-form content at Xataka about intersections between technology, business and society. I host the daily podcast 'Loop infinito' (in Spanish), putting Apple news into perspective. LinkedIn

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July 2024

  1. 08 July
  2. I’ve Been Using Mac and iPad for 15 Years. This Is My Experience With the Surface Pro 11
  3. 05 July
  4. Moshi, a Real-Time AI Assistant, Is Challenging Silicon Valley From Europe
  5. A Hacker Gained Access to OpenAI’s Internal Messaging System, Adding to More Fuel to the Fire About Its Security
  6. 02 July
  7. OpenAI Is Setting Up the Stage for the Release of GPT-5, With Sam Altman Promising a ‘Significant Leap Forward’
  8. The Great 'Fake Meat' Crisis: McDonald’s Has Given Up on McPlant, and Beyond Meat Is Plummeting

June 2024

  1. 30 June
  2. Bing Has Accomplished What Seemed Impossible for Years: Taking a Bite of Google Search's Market Share
  3. 27 June
  4. Apple Prioritizes Longevity Over Repairability. It Justified Its Decision in a 24-Page Document
  5. OpenAI Is Making It Hard to Identify the Advantages of ChatGPT Plus, a Risky Strategy That Could Be Visionary
  6. 22 June
  7. AI Isn’t Ready to Understand Our Food Orders Yet. A Giant Like McDonald’s Just Proved It
  8. 20 June
  9. Ilya Sutskever's New AI Company Was Born After the Crisis That Almost Ended Sam Altman. It Wants to Become What OpenAI Couldn't Be
  10. 19 June
  11. Meta Is Serious When It Comes to Wearables. Look at What It Just Did With Reality Labs
  12. 18 June
  13. Officials Used AI Cameras to 'Read' Emotions on UK Subways. The Problem: Passengers Knew Nothing About It
  14. 17 June
  15. Sam Altman Is Reportedly Considering Transforming OpenAI Into a For-Profit Company. It Would Be the Ultimate Plot Twist
  16. 14 June
  17. Apple Has Integrated the Reminders App Into Calendar. You'll Need to Know the Difference to Avoid Chaos
  18. The Internet Brought Us ‘Spam.’ AI Is Bringing Us 'Slop'
  19. 13 June
  20. The iOS 18 Customization Controversy Isn’t Just About Aesthetics. It’s a Battle Between Purists and Nonconformists, and There's a Clear Winner
  21. An Amazon Tribe That Recently Gained Access to the Internet Has Been Accused Internationally of Being Addicted to Porn. It’s Not True
  22. 12 June
  23. From Startup to French National Gem in 12 Months: This Is the Meteoric Rise of Mistral, Europe’s Biggest Hope to Break Into AI
  24. 11 June
  25. Siri Receives a Major Upgrade Courtesy of Apple Intelligence. It’s Finally Making the Leap We’ve Been Anticipating for Years
  26. Apple's Historic Partnership With OpenAI Is Now Official. Here's What That Means
  27. I’ve Been Using the Ultrahuman Glucose Monitor for Two Weeks Even Though I’m Not Diabetic. While I’ve Learned About My Body, The Device Isn't for Everyone
  28. 10 June
  29. New Cybertruck Owner Find Out Car Doesn't Fit in His Parking Space. Tesla Is Threatening Him With a $50,000 Fine if He Sells It
  30. 06 June
  31. Nvidia Has Just Surpassed Apple as the World’s Second Most Valuable Company
  32. 04 June
  33. This Startup Wanted to Revolutionize Mortgages With AI. Now, It’s Facing a Barrage of Lawsuits
  34. Instagram Is Testing Out Ads You Won’t Be Able to Skip
  35. Elon Musk's X Is Now Rated 'XXX'. New Twitter Openly Embraces Porn
  36. In the AI Era, Microsoft Will Need Those Who Turned Their Backs on It in the Mobile Era: Developers
  37. 02 June
  38. A Generation That's Eternally Unfocused: 'I Can't Do Anything for 15 Minutes Without Checking My Phone'

May 2024

  1. 30 May
  2. A Note to My Past Self: Download Everything You Love
  3. 29 May
  4. Sam Altman Will Lead the OpenAI Security Committee That Oversees Sam Altman’s Work. It Doesn’t Sound Like a Great Idea
  5. Elon Musk and Meta AI Chief Yann LeCun Are Openly at War on X: ‘Try Harder!’
  6. 28 May
  7. The U.S. Government Doesn’t Want China to Conquer Its Electric Car Market. The Reality Is That China Barely Sells Any Cars There
  8. 26 May
  9. It’s Not Your Imagination: There Are Fewer Smartphones Launched Than Ever Before. We Have the Data to Prove It
  10. 25 May
  11. My Life Before Smartphones Proves That Memory Can Be Deceiving
  12. I Went to an Apple Store at 3 a.m. on a Tuesday to Find Out Who Buys Apple Products at 3 a.m. on a Tuesday
  13. 23 May
  14. Generative AI Creates a Gap Between Local and Cloud-Based Models. There’s Room for Both
  15. 22 May
  16. The OpenAI Crisis Six Months Later: The Board May Have Been Right About Sam Altman's Dishonesty
  17. The Mac vs. PC War Seemed a Thing of the Past. Now, It’s Coming Back
  18. 21 May
  19. Copilot Is No Longer Just a Personal Assistant: Now it’s Part of the Team. Specifically, Microsoft Teams
  20. OpenAI Thought Using a Scarlett Johansson-like Voice in ChatGPT Was a Great Idea. Scarlett Johansson, Not So Much
  21. Microsoft Introduces Copilot+, the Next Generation of AI-Powered PCs
  22. 16 May
  23. Apple Announces New Accessibility Features for iPhone and iPad. There's Even One to Help Reduce Motion Sickness
  24. 14 May
  25. Google Injects Generative AI Into Its Search Engine, Which Can Now 'Search For You'
  26. Microsoft Pumped $10 Billion Into OpenAI. That Still Wasn't Enough to Get Access to the ChatGPT App for Windows
  27. 10 May
  28. Who Is John Ternus? Meet One of the Leading Contenders to Succeed Tim Cook as Apple CEO
  29. 08 May
  30. Apple Announces New Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro and the First Pencil Pro with Haptic Engine

April 2024

  1. 19 April
  2. Apple Vision Pro Review: Incredible Potential, Imperfect Result
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