Apple Announces New Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro and the First Pencil Pro with Haptic Engine

  • Apple has revamped the Magic Keyboard, its flagship accessory, for the new iPad Pro (and just the Pro).

  • The Magic Keyboard includes a cover, backlit keyboard, and trackpad. The price is its biggest drawback.

  • The company also launched the Apple Pencil Pro with added sensors—making it more powerful than ever.

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As predicted by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple has unveiled its latest iPad Pros, which come with their very own new Magic Keyboard. The iPad Air isn't compatible with the new Magic Keyboard, meaning users will have to settle for the older 2020 model for now.

Apple's new Magic Keyboard features a design that's different from the previous generation and gives the iPad Pro a striking resemblance to a MacBook. Additionally, there’s a new Apple Pencil Pro. Yes, you read that right: Pro.

Why is this important? The iPad has experienced a decline in sales compared to other Apple products, accounting today for just 7% of the company’s turnover. With the visual appeal of an iPad that looks like a MacBook, Apple hopes to boost its strategy and bring the iPad back to the forefront.

The keyboard is made of aluminum and has a larger haptic trackpad than the previous model. It also includes a row of function keys and maintains the floating design that makes the iPad appear to levitate above the keyboard, thanks to the magnetic connector.

Magic Keyboard Image: Apple
Magic Keyboard Image: Apple
  • Price: An 11-inch iPad Pro will cost $299. The 13-inch model costs $349. Just like the previous generation, the prices are a bit too high.

In defense of the new iPad Pro, the material appears to be of better quality and more durable than the plastic in the previous generation. However, the cover-keyboard-trackpad pack comes at a higher price than a basic iPad.

Apple Pencil Pro. The new Apple Pencil Pro has a similar appearance to its predecessor but comes with added features powered by sensors. It functions like gyroscope that allows you to change the selected tool without touching the screen. You can simply rotate the selector in a carousel. The Pencil Pro also includes a haptic engine that detects finger movements and pressure, eliminating the need to touch the screen, or hover, for certain actions. Like the AirPods and AirTag, the Pencil Pro is integrated into Apple's Find My app.

Apple Pencil Pro Image: Apple
Apple Pencil Pro Image: Apple
  • Price: The Pencil Pro costs $129, the same price as the 2nd-generation Apple Pencil, which it appears to replace. There is no price increase despite despite the improvements.

Make your way to the cash register. Unlike what happened with the previous model, the new Magic Keyboard is only compatible with the newest version of the iPad Pro. Those interested in buying it will have to make a huge financial investment, given that the new tablets start at $999 (for the 11-inch model) and $1,200 (for the 13-inch model) for entry-level storage and no 5G.

Image | Apple

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