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Over twelve years of experience in media that have passed by so quickly. I've been writing for Xataka since 2018 and I'm mainly in charge of Magnet's content. #Technology #Science #History LinkedIn

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June 2024

  1. 12 June
  2. Geologists Studied the Sand From One of the D-day Beaches in Normandy. They Found That 4% Was Still Shrapnel
  3. South Korea Thought Its 'Jeonse' Were the Magic Formula for the Rental Market, Until the Scams Began
  4. 11 June
  5. China Has Been Selling Its Tallest Waterfall to Tourists as a Natural Wonder for Years. The Truth Is, It's Fed by Pipes
  6. 08 June
  7. We’ve Been Tying Ribbons to Our Suitcases for Years to Spot Them at the Airport. Workers Say It's a Terrible Idea
  8. 06 June
  9. South Korea Has Taken Academic Rivalry to the Extreme: 84% of 5-year-olds Go to Private Academies to Become Even More Competitive
  10. 01 June
  11. The Average Lifespan of Electric Cars Is 3.6 Years. It Makes Sense and Has Nothing to Do With Their Reliability

May 2024

  1. 31 May
  2. Amid a New Crisis of Faith, the Catholic Church Has Literally Found a Saint. Specifically, Its First Millennial Saint
  3. Surprising Absolutely No One, Japan’s ‘Anti-Tourist’ Fence Already Has Several Holes So People Can Take Photos of Mount Fuji
  4. 30 May
  5. South Korea Just Received a Barrage of Balloons Filled With Trash and Poop. The Suspect: North Korea
  6. 24 May
  7. Kim Jong Un’s ‘Friendly Father’ Song Goes Viral on TikTok. South Korea Has Already Banned It
  8. 23 May
  9. New York City Consumes So Much Pizza That It Had To Come up With a Special Container Just for the Boxes
  10. Japan Has Just Installed an ‘Anti-Tourist’ Fence to Purposefully Ruin One of Its Best Mount Fuji Views
  11. 20 May
  12. Historians Have Been Trying to Solve the Following Enigma for Decades: What Are Medieval Warrior Snails?
  13. 18 May
  14. A South Korean Man Has Been Throwing Bottles With Rice Into the Sea for Almost 10 Years. He Has Good Reasons
  15. New York City and Dublin Created a 'Virtual Bridge' With Live Cameras. It Ended With a Parade of Butts and Boobs
  16. Japan's Million Empty Homes Reflect a Unique Housing Crisis. It Even Has Its Own Word: 'Akiya'
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