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Editor at Xataka. More than a decade of telecommuting and a strong advocate of technology as a way to improve our lives. Full-time addict of black, sugar-free coffee. LinkedIn

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May 2024

  1. 22 May
  2. If You Thought Neom's 105-Mile-Long Building Wasn’t Dystopian Enough, It's Also Building a Huge Water Park in the Desert
  3. The Digital Nomad Paradox: What Happens When the Country That Give You a Visa Wants You to Stop Being a Nomad
  4. 20 May
  5. “They Deserve It”: Emirates Is Making So Much Money That It’s Giving Workers a Five-Month-Salary as a Gift
  6. Jeff Bezos Has Spent a Small Fortune on His Art Collection. The Reason Isn't a Love of Art, But Rather a Love of Money
  7. 19 May
  8. Someone Thought of Turning Disneyland Into a Remote Office. Now It’s One of Gen Z’s Favorite Places to Work
  9. When Notifications Are Fighting to Get Your Attention, Use 'Monk Mode' to Avoid Distractions
  10. 18 May
  11. Revenge Bedtime Procrastination: Why Your Brain Will Get Back at You If You Don't Let It Rest During the Day
  12. 17 May
  13. Three Learning Experts Explain Their Study Techniques: The Secret Isn't Studying More, But Studying Better
  14. 15 May
  15. Elon Musk Is Reportedly Rehiring Tesla's Supercharger Team After Firing Them All Two Weeks Ago
  16. 13 May
  17. Titanic-Obsessed Billionaire Wants to Build Replica With One Key Difference: Iceberg Detection Systems
  18. 11 May
  19. Dell Is Sorting Its Workers Into Two Groups: Those Who Go to the Office and the 'Red Flags'
  20. 07 May
  21. Samsung Rejects Global Push to 4-Day Work Week, Will Force Its Execs to Work 6 Days
  22. How Two Men Are 'Hacking' Their Way to Eternal Youth
  23. 05 May
  24. Germany’s Space Agency Is Paying People $19,000 to Lie in Bed for 60 Days in the Name of Science
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