Apple Sent Out a 7 a.m. Email Asking About Remote Work. Its Employees Didn’t Like It

Despite maintaining a hybrid work model, Tim Cook has never been a fan of working from home.

Apple Ceo Tim Cook
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Return to the office policies have caused a lot of tension within companies. One of the clearest examples is Dell, which implemented a somewhat chaotic return to the office strategy and created a severe problem where there was none.

Apple has always preferred that its employees work from its offices. However, it has allowed them to have some flexibility by opting for a hybrid work schedule. But according to The Verge, Apple CEO Tim Cook has always favored having his employees work from the office, and the Apple continues to remind them of this.

The email that caused discord. A year ago, Apple employees woke up to find a shocking email in their inbox. It was a reasonable surprise when firing by mail was common practice in Silicon Valley.

The email was a survey asking employees to share their opinions on remote working, specifically the hybrid model that Apple implemented in 2022. This hybrid schedule required employees to work in the office three times a week.

It wasn’t the email. It was the context. For employees, what made the email  uncomfortable wasn’t the survey itself. Rather, what bothered them was that Apple sent it a few days after Cook announced the company's new return-to-office plan and the threat of further scrutiny by monitoring login credentials.

“Anecdotally, I think responses are consistently positive toward remote work and negative toward in-office work because of reduced efficiency due to long commutes and frequent distractions,” an Apple employee told Business Insider.

Apple employees don’t like the office. Over 40 years ago, Steve Jobs foresaw the benefits of working from home. However, his successor at Apple disagrees, even though a study by the Universities of Michigan and Chicago found that Apple’s return to the office has cost it some of its best talent.

Still, the company has kept up the pressure on remote workers, putting them in the when it comes to decisions about layoffs or canceling projects. Notably, Apple has been one of the technology companies with the least amount of layoffs after the pandemic.

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