How Two Men Are 'Hacking' Their Way to Eternal Youth

  • Bryan Johnson, a 46-year-old tech entrepreneur, has invested millions of dollars to reduce his biological age to 37.

  • Meanwhile, self-proclaimed "biohacking influencer" Dave Pascoe, 61, claims to have reversed his biological clock to get the body of a 38-year-old.

Eternal Youth
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The cosmetics industry has always aimed to reduce the effects of aging, or at least conceal them. It's a lucrative business. In 2022, the cosmetics industry generated $430 billion in revenue, a number that's expected to grow to $580 million by 2027, according to McKinsey.

While some rely on hyaluronic acid and miracle diets fueled by Ozempic, others aren’t satisfied with these options. One of the most well-known examples is tech entrepreneur Bryan Johnson, who invests huge sums of money to reverse the aging process.

Meanwhile, self-described biohacking influencer Dave Pascoe has emerged with an alternative and affordable approach that aims show, according to him, that you don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive rejuvenation treatments every year to combat the effects of aging.

Bryan Johnson: the Rejuvenation Billionaire

Johnson’s story is like something out of a science fiction thriller. He’s so adverse to aging that he’s resorted to receiving blood transfusions from his 18-year-old son to stay young. The tech entrepreneur also maintains a strict regimen of sleep, exercise, and constant monitoring by a team of roughly 30 medical professionals.

Johnson’s anti-aging routine is so demanding that he’s turned it into the Blueprint project, which showcases how this process has allowed him to reverse his biological age from 46 to 37 years old. His skin’s biological age is even younger at 28, and his lung capacity is that of an 18-year-old. It’s hard to predict how many candles he should light on his birthday cake at this point.

Johnson estimates that he spends around $2 million annually on his anti-aging treatment, far beyond the reach of mere mortals with more modest salaries.

In a podcast called The Diary of a CEO, the millionaire mogul shared his daily rejuvenation routine, which is similar to that of an elite athlete and consists of more than 100 protocols that he has integrated into his life. He follows a disciplined routine and incorporates extra virgin olive oil in his daily diet, which he sells and promotes. It's not a surprise that Johnson spends $2 million a year on this routine considering the price of his olive oil alone ($60 for a pair of 750 ml bottles).

Besides his diet, Johnson has also undergone experimental genetic treatments to help him stay healthy. However, he had to travel to Honduras to receive them because the treatments aren't approved by U.S. health regulators.

Dave Pascoe: the Ultimate Biohacker

Unlike Johnson, Pascoe’s anti-aging treatment approach isn't based on experimental genetic treatments, although he does receive periodic plasma transfusions.

At 61 years old, Pascoe is a retired engineer dedicated to “biohacking” his body to slow down the effects of aging. He believes his method is effective and claims to have achieved a biological age of 38.

“I consider my body to be like a prized racehorse, or a cherished high-end performance vehicle. I will only ever get this one, so just like any valued possession, I will treat it with reverence and will invest heavily in its appearance, performance, fuel, care and maintenance. I only wish that I knew and applied everything I know now, decades ago!” Pascoe states on his website.

The biohacker also shares his daily routine on his site. It includes exercising regularly, taking more than 150 food supplements, undergoing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) sessions, exposing himself to different types of light, and applying skin treatments using different soaps and moisturizing creams. Pascoe includes affiliate links to both the food supplements and the beauty products he uses on Amazon and receives some compensation for purchases made through his page.

According to his nutritional plan, he has a green banana and a chia bowl with nuts, berries, and almond milk for breakfast from Monday to Friday. On the weekend, he changes it up, eating a green banana and a four-egg omelet with arugula and mushrooms on Saturdays, and a three-egg omelet and hashbrowns on Sundays.

Considering Pascoe's claim of "body hacking," it was surprising to see that part of his diet is based on on eating sardines, mussels, or canned mackerel, which he complements with oysters, avocados, and salads. On days when that's on the menu, Pascoe finishes up with fruit, specifically green apples, pears, or oranges, for dessert. Based on this, it looks like the secret to eternal youth is a student’s diet in a shared apartment.

Pascoe claims he invests about $300,000 annually in staying young, although he’s not as strict in his routines as Johnson. “My ‘me time’ is extremely important to me, so I schedule for it, but I will not pass on an opportunity to spend quality time with others. As a single guy who lives alone, I’ll trade that workout, sauna session or biohack for connected quality time, every time. A single day of missing a few routines will not kill me,” he told the New York Post.

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