‘Interviews Are a Performance Art... You Have to Rehearse': A LinkedIn Expert’s Advice for Successful Interviews

  • Pre-interview preparation with a mentor or friend gives the candidate the confidence to talk about themselves.

  • Candidates should close the interview by expressing their interest in the position, highlighting their qualifications, and describing what they’ll bring to the team.

‘Be prepared to play a role:’ A LinkedIn expert’s advice for interview success
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Job interviews are crucial in the selection process for a new job. You have just a few minutes to make a good impression.

In this scenario, every word counts, and no question is casual, so it’s wise to use all the tools you can to be ready. According to LinkedIn career expert Andrew McCaskill, "Interviews are a performance art, and to perform well, you have to rehearse."

Your Future Career as a Theater Stage

In an interview with CNBC, the employment expert explains that you must prepare for interviews as if they were theatrical performances. In fact, AI development even lets you use ChatGPT to help you prepare by turning it into a pre-interview coach.

“The best interviewers are the people who have rehearsed their talking points with a mentor, a friend or even an old co-worker because that helps you feel confident and comfortable talking about yourself,” McCaskil states.

Each job offer requires different skills, but several interview attitudes and strategies are common to all. According to the LinkedIn expert, the best way to excel in an interview is to tell the hiring manager you’re the person the company is looking for.

McCaskill suggests something along these lines: “I want to underscore how much I want this job. I think my skills and experiences are perfect for it, and that I could have a strong, positive impact on the team. Here’s why...”

As the expert says, closing the interview with these types of phrases addresses two crucial qualities that all recruiters tend to look for in their candidates:

  • Enthusiasm. Ending the interview by clarifying that you’re interested in the position and will add value to the team is a sign of enthusiasm. This will make an excellent impression on the interviewer, who has probably already visualized the image you’ve subtly created in their mind by presenting yourself as a good fit for the position.
  • Confidence. You’ll exude confidence by verbalizing your strengths and what you’ll bring to the project. Also, highlighting your skills will bring them back to the table and add more value.

“Think about it as your closing pitch. You don’t want to leave the interviewer guessing about your interest in the role or if you have what it takes to succeed there,” McCaskill said.

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