‘The Zuck We Deserve.’ Mark Zuckerberg’s Fourth of July Celebration Shows He’s Living His Best Life

  • Zuckerberg showed off his wild side to celebrate one of the most red, white, and blue days of the year.

  • The billionaire posted a new video showing off his change of style. In response, some users said this was, "The Zuck we deserve."

'The Zuck we deserve.' Mark Zuckerberg's Fourth of July celebration shows he's living his best life
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Today is July 4, a day where we all show how proud we are to be American and indulge in American things—like eating BBQ and waving the U.S. flag. In fact, that's exactly what Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg did, except he was on a surfboard chugging a beer. Zuck is living his best life, which apparently involves repeatedly showing the world that something has changed in him. He's cool.

The wildest version of Zuckerberg. In a moment of surrealism—and a bit of recklessness—the Meta co-founder posted a video on his Instagram profile where he congratulates the nation on its birthday. And the scene is priceless.

Dressed in an elegant tux, the billionaire appears while surfing, holding a flag in one hand and a Coors beer in the other. The soundtrack? “Born in the U.S.A” by Bruce Springsteen.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Fourth of July celebration video on Instagram Click on the photo to view the original post.

“The Zuck we deserve.” Supporters and detractors of this “new Zuckerberg” have commented on the video. Some highlight the billionaire’s surfing skills, noting that he keeps his suit reasonably dry despite the waves. Apparently, the recent purchase of a superyacht has allowed him to practice his balance.

However, the most descriptive comment for Zuckerberg’s recent appearances on his social media platforms is the one written by The Chainsmokers: “The Zuck we deserve.”

A radical change in style. The Meta co-founder has never been known for his charisma, but something has changed in 2024. Gone is the almost robotic look and the same pattern of gray T-shirts and jeans to avoid having to choose a new wardrobe. Now, Zuckerberg pops up dressed in gold necklaces and leather jackets, while also forging katanas on his trips to Japan.

The King Midas of product placement. As far as who's happy with the new Zuckerberg, the first on the list are likely the marketing managers for Coors, which will likely see a spike in sales in the coming days after getting free promotion in the billionaire’s video.

It’s not the first time this has happened. A few days ago, a Spain-based sneaker brand experienced the same fate when Priscilla Chan, Zuckerberg’s wife, posted a photo of the billionaire wearing one of its sneakers on her Instagram profile. Since then, the popularity of the Spanish brand has skyrocketed in Silicon Valley.

Image | Wikimedia commons (UE), Instagram (@zuck)

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