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I've been in media for over a decade, but I've been much longer marveling at the possibilities that technology brings us. I believe we live in a world where the digital revolution is changing everything, and I find no better palce that Xataka to write about it. LinkedIn

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July 2024

  1. 12 July
  2. Millions of People Don't Know That Their Information Has Been Published on the Dark Web. Google Has a Free Tool to Check
  3. 11 July
  4. You Can Now Buy an $8,000 Foldable House. It Takes 11 Minutes to Assemble and Can Hold up to 8 People
  5. It Was So Hot in New York City That a Swing Bridge Got Stuck Because Its Steel Expanded Too Much
  6. 10 July
  7. 'As Easy to Use as an ATM': Ammo Vending Machines Are Now Available in Some U.S. Supermarkets
  8. Microsoft Is Increasing Xbox Game Pass Pricing Worldwide, Announces a Cheaper ‘Standard’ Plan
  9. 06 July
  10. Warner Bros. Unveils First Trailer for Dune: Prophecy. The Dune Universe Is Expanding with a Promising Prequel
  11. 05 July
  12. The U.S. Continues to Fall Behind China in the Race for Generative AI Patents, With China Overwhelmingly Leading the Field
  13. Figure’s Humanoid Robot Can Already Work Autonomously, So BMW Put It to Task
  14. 04 July
  15. The Japanese Government Has Just Achieved an Unusual Victory in 2024: Eliminating the Use of Floppy Disks
  16. 03 July
  17. A South Korean Local Government Hired an AI Robot for Administrative Tasks. It ‘Took Its Own Life’ After a Year
  18. 02 July
  19. Google Is Making a Significant Change to Chrome’s Security That Affects Thousands of Websites. They Have Four Months to Comply

June 2024

  1. 28 June
  2. The Creators of ‘Sam Altman Leads the Committee That Oversees Sam Altman’s Actions’ Have Unveiled That GPT-4 Is Overseeing GPT-4
  3. BlackBerry Has Reinvented Itself, and It's Done So Well That It’s Making More Money Than Analysts Thought
  4. Thousands of South Korean Users Can’t Explain How Their Devices Got Infected With Malware. The Main Suspect: Their Internet Provider
  5. 27 June
  6. Some Companies Are Training Their AI Models on Reddit Data Without Permission, And Reddit Is Declaring War
  7. 26 June
  8. The Wait Is Over: The ChatGPT App for Mac With GPT-4o Is Now Available for Free to All Users
  9. 25 June
  10. The War Over AI-Generated Music Continues to Escalate: Major Labels Are Suing Suno AI and Udio
  11. 35 Years Ago, Sony Introduced the World’s Largest CRT Television: A 43-inch, 400-Pound TV That Cost a Fortune
  12. Julian Assange Is Now Free After Reaching a Deal With the U.S.
  13. 21 June
  14. Claude 3.5 Sonnet Is Aiming at GPT-4o's Jugular by Letting Users Create Web Pages and Games (for Free)
  15. U.S. Authorities Have Just Announced a Total Ban on Kaspersky. The Russian Antivirus Company Is Facing Its Worst Moment
  16. 20 June
  17. The Rise of Artificial Intelligence Is Reigniting an Old Concern Among U.S. Companies: Chinese Spying
  18. The Legend of Zelda, Metroid Prime 4, and Mario & Luigi: Here Are All of the Best Announcements From Nintendo Direct
  19. 18 June
  20. We Thought OpenAI’s Sora Was Light Years Ahead of the Competition: Runway's Gen-3 Alpha Has Just Proven Otherwise
  21. An Apple Enthusiast Used a $7 Raspberry Pi for a Fantastic Project: Creating an Original Macintosh
  22. 15 June
  23. A Developer Has Just Taken the Concept of ‘Retro’ to a New Level by Creating a Physical Winamp Player
  24. 14 June
  25. A Student Used a Hidden Camera and AI to Cheat on a University Exam. Now, He’s in Jail (and He Failed the Test)
  26. 13 June
  27. This Is How One of the Most Famous Windows Screensavers, the Hypnotic Network of Moving 3D Pipes, Was Born
  28. When Using ChatGPT at Work, We May Be Exposing Confidential Information: Here’s What You Can Do to Avoid It
  29. 12 June
  30. HP CEO Provides Details on the Significant Decline in Printing Since the Pandemic: It’s Bad News for the Company’s Business
  31. 11 June
  32. ‘Unacceptable:’ Elon Musk Threatens to Ban Apple Devices From His Companies After OpenAI Deal
  33. Apple Intelligence, iOS 18, Siri With ChatGPT, macOS 15 Sequoia, and Everything Else Announced at WWDC 2024
  34. 08 June
  35. AEVEX Aerospace Unveils Its Latest Vehicle: A Terrifying ‘Kamikaze’ Jet Ski That Crashes Into Enemy Ships and Explodes
  36. 07 June
  37. OpenAI Has Just Undertaken a Challenging and Ambitious Journey: Understanding AI’s ‘Black Box’
  38. We’re Getting Closer to Having Night Vision in Our Daily Glasses. A Specific Material Is Proving to Be the Key
  39. 05 June
  40. ‘We Sincerely Apologize:’ Toyota Acknowledges Wrongdoing in Additional Safety Tests and Halts Production of Three Models
  41. 02 June
  42. FBI Dismantles a Botnet With an Army of 20 Million Zombie PCs. They Were Infected by Rogue VPNs

May 2024

  1. 30 May
  2. ‘We Learned About ChatGPT on Twitter:’ Former OpenAI Board Member Reveals Another Possible Reason for Feud Between Board and Sam Altman
  3. Boeing Won’t Delay Starliner’s First Crewed Flight Again: The Company Plans to Launch It Even Though It Has a 'Small Helium Leak'
  4. 29 May
  5. Someone Has Found a New Use for the Flipper Zero: Controlling Taylor Swift’s Tour Wristbands
  6. 28 May
  7. We Thought ChatGPT Was Great for Programming. A New Study Finds That Half of Its Answers Are Wrong
  8. Microsoft Said Recall Only Worked on the New Copilot+ PCs. Someone Just Activated It on a Regular PC
  9. What Happened to Creative Technology, the Company That Created the Legendary Sound Blaster Cards?
  10. 25 May
  11. Someone Bought an Old Boeing 737 and Did What Anyone in Their Right Mind Would Have Done: Turn It Into a Mansion
  12. 24 May
  13. Windows XP Is One of the Most Dangerous Operating Systems: This Is How Easy It Can Get Infected With Malware
  14. Russian Army Is Turning Armored Vehicles Into ‘Turtle Tanks’ to Protect Themselves From Ukrainian Drones
  15. 23 May
  16. Two Programming Languages From the 1950s Are Once Again Among the World’s Most Popular
  17. Airbus’ New Half-Plane, Half-Helicopter 'Racer' Completes Its First Public Flight
  18. 21 May
  19. HP OmniBook X and EliteBook Ultra: Great Battery Life and Snapdragon X Chips to Unlock All of AI's Potential
  20. Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Laptop: The AI-Powered ARM Revolution in Windows Has Begun
  21. 17 May
  22. ChatGPT Wants to Rule the Office. It Can Now Create Charts From Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive Files
  23. Microsoft Bets on Accessibility Once More with Proteus, the New Xbox Controller for Gamers with Disabilities
  24. The U.S. Army Has Spent Billions of Dollars on Laser Weapons. Now, It’s Officially Using Them in Battle
  25. 15 May
  26. OpenAI Co-founder Ilya Sutskever Unexpectedly Leaves the AI Company
  27. 14 May
  28. OpenAI Introduces GPT-4o: A Surprising Free AI Model That Works With Voice, Text, and Image at Once
  29. OpenAI Is Close to Making ‘Her’ a Reality. Its New Voice Model Keeps You Company (and Could Make You Fall in Love)
  30. 11 May
  31. OpenAI's Sam Altman Teases Monday Announcement: “It’s Not GPT-5 or a Search Engine"
  32. 10 May
  33. Apple Apologizes for iPad Pro Ad That Crushed Creativity With a Hydraulic Press
  34. A Seattle Startup Just Did the Impossible: It Connected a Device to a Satellite Via Bluetooth
  35. Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery Join Forces With New Bundle to Crush Competition
  36. 07 May
  37. NASA’s Europa Clipper Is Sending a 'Message in a Bottle' to Jupiter With 2.6 Million Names
  38. New $1.6 Billion Legends Tower in Oklahoma City Set to Be Tallest Skyscraper in U.S.
  39. 04 May
  40. China Claims Its New Tech Can Detect the F-22 Raptor, the U.S. Army’s Invisible Plane
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