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I've been in media for over a decade, but I've been much longer marveling at the possibilities that technology brings us. I believe we live in a world where the digital revolution is changing everything, and I find no better palce that Xataka to write about it. LinkedIn

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May 2024

  1. 21 May
  2. HP OmniBook X and EliteBook Ultra: Great Battery Life and Snapdragon X Chips to Unlock All of AI's Potential
  3. Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Laptop: The AI-Powered ARM Revolution in Windows Has Begun
  4. 17 May
  5. ChatGPT Wants to Rule the Office. It Can Now Create Charts From Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive Files
  6. Microsoft Bets on Accessibility Once More with Proteus, the New Xbox Controller for Gamers with Disabilities
  7. The U.S. Army Has Spent Billions of Dollars on Laser Weapons. Now, It’s Officially Using Them in Battle
  8. 16 May
  9. Warner Bros. Unveils First Trailer for Dune: Prophecy. The Dune Universe Is Expanding with a Promising Prequel
  10. 15 May
  11. OpenAI Co-founder Ilya Sutskever Unexpectedly Leaves the AI Company
  12. 14 May
  13. OpenAI Introduces GPT-4o: A Surprising Free AI Model That Works With Voice, Text, and Image at Once
  14. OpenAI Is Close to Making ‘Her’ a Reality. Its New Voice Model Keeps You Company (and Could Make You Fall in Love)
  15. 11 May
  16. OpenAI's Sam Altman Teases Monday Announcement: “It’s Not GPT-5 or a Search Engine"
  17. 10 May
  18. Apple Apologizes for iPad Pro Ad That Crushed Creativity With a Hydraulic Press
  19. A Seattle Startup Just Did the Impossible: It Connected a Device to a Satellite Via Bluetooth
  20. Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery Join Forces With New Bundle to Crush Competition
  21. 07 May
  22. NASA’s Europa Clipper Is Sending a 'Message in a Bottle' to Jupiter With 2.6 Million Names
  23. New $1.6 Billion Legends Tower in Oklahoma City Set to Be Tallest Skyscraper in U.S.
  24. 04 May
  25. China Claims Its New Tech Can Detect the F-22 Raptor, the U.S. Army’s Invisible Plane
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