Someone Bought an Old Boeing 737 and Did What Anyone in Their Right Mind Would Have Done: Turn It Into a Mansion

  • Private Jet Villa resides on top of a cliff in Bali, Indonesia.

  • It has two bedrooms, an outdoor fireplace, a living room, and other amenities.

Private Jet Villa
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Not all planes end up in aircraft graveyards when they reach the end of their life cycle. Some units, even if they can no longer fly, help bring other projects to life. Take what entrepreneur Felix Demin did as example: Demin transformed an old Boeing 737 fuselage, the official name for the body of the plane, into a home with a slew of amenities for its temporary residents.

Now, we say the residents are "temporary" because Demin doesn’t live there. As he explains on his Instagram profile, converting a Boeing 737 into a manshion was his dream project, so he decided to make it a place that others could enjoy. And, of course, he added the mansion to his business portfolio. Today, the place is called Private Jet Villa, and you can rent it directly from Booking.

A Plane at the Top of a Cliff

The project faced numerous challenges. Demin knew what he wanted, but he needed, among other things, the money to develop it. Fortunately, another entrepreneur, Alexander Lebedev, offered part of the necessary capital as an investor to build the airplane hotel in Bali, Indonesia.

After gathering the necessary funds, Demin and Lebedev faced a new challenge. They had to carry the fuselage to the top of a cliff in Uluwatu, a region on the southwestern tip of the Bukit Peninsula. It was a logistical challenge that required trucks and cranes.

Private Jet Villa from the air

Because of its dimensions, the fuselage was transported in two parts to its destination. At this stage, the challenges were much less bizarre. The idea was to recycle the airplane, or better yet, its remains, into an attractive hotel to that would get people’s attention.

View from Private Jat Villa suite

Under this premise, those in charge of developing the project modernized the aircraft’s interior and made a hole on one side of the body to extend the experience to the outside. An exterior that, by the way, is surrounded by vegetation and an amazing view at almost 500 feet above sea level.

Private Jet Villa suite

Once the aircraft’s cockpit, this section is now part of the master suite with a Jacuzzi. The villa also has a first-class suite with a hand-carved marble bathtub in another part of the aircraft. The right wing is now a platform with outdoor furniture to enjoy the view.

Private Jet Villa has more amenities, such as a minibar, hair dryer, sound system, outdoor fireplace, and living room. Guests can also enjoy cocktails, wines, and champagne. This project is has finally let us see what the second life of an enormous piece of metal, which once transported people, can look like.

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