'As Easy to Use as an ATM': Ammo Vending Machines Are Now Available in Some U.S. Supermarkets

  • Only people over 21 can buy bullets from these machines.

  • They have a recognition system that verifies the customer’s identity.

"As easy to use as an ATM": Ammunition vending machines are now available in some U.S. supermarkets
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The U.S. has a unique relationship with guns. According to a report by the Small Arms Survey, it’s the only nation in the world that has more firearms than civilians. In this scenario, American Rounds is working to make it as easy for adults to buy bullets as it is to get a soda: by selling them through vending machines.

As reported by local station KXII, the company has installed its first six machines in Alabama and Oklahoma. It expects to expand to more than 200 locations in the coming weeks. These machines are the size of a two-door closet and have a touch screen, an ID reader, a camera, and a dispenser.

Ammo Vending Machines in American Supermarkets

You might think that American Rounds is installing these machines in gun stores, but nothing could be further from the truth. The project’s goal from the beginning has been to place them in supermarkets and other grocery stores. As the company explains on its website, these vending machines offer customers several advantages, including purchasing ammunition at any time of the day.

The company also states that this innovative approach to ammunition sales is more secure than the traditional one. It prevents ammo theft and ensures that only authorized individuals buy rounds. American Rounds CEO Grants Magers says the machines verify customers’ identities with their driver’s licenses and facial recognition.

How ammo vending machines work How ammo vending machines work.

While anyone can navigate the device’s menus and add ammo for handguns or rifles, only customers of legal age (21 and older) can purchase bullets, regardless of the state where American Rounds installed the ammo vending machines. “We look forward to helping build a better community when it comes to buying ammunition,” Magers said.

“Located in strategic sites, our machines are as easy to use as an ATM, providing a quick transaction that allows you to get back to what matters most to you in minutes.”

American Rounds installed the first machine in January of this year at Fresh Value in Pell City, Alabama. Since then, it has installed another unit in Tuscaloosa in the same state. The other four units are in Oklahoma. We’ll have to wait and see how people take to this new way to purchase bullets and whether it's as safe as the company promises.

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