AEVEX Aerospace Unveils Its Latest Vehicle: A Terrifying ‘Kamikaze’ Jet Ski That Crashes Into Enemy Ships and Explodes

  • Mako is an unmanned surface vehicle that can operate entirely on its own.

Mako, an unmanned surface vehicle from AEVEX Aerospace
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The San Diego-based AEVEX Aerospace has just unveiled one of its latest innovations for the military: Mako, an unmanned surface vehicle (USV) designed for naval operations.

The USV is a multi-purpose maritime drone, but it stands out for its "kamikaze" nature. Like drones of this type, it can identify targets, usually enemy ships costing millions of dollars, and chase them until it crashes into them, sometimes exploding.

The Key Is in the Price (and the Inspiration)

During Russia's invasion of Ukraine, we saw how the military forces of both countries used relatively inexpensive drones to damage expensive assets. Consequently, the conflict led Moscow to create so-called “turtle tanks” to face off against the drones, which feature extra protection.

For some time now, something similar has happened at sea with autonomous vessels, whose design and construction vary in price and complexity. The truth is that price is still a determining factor for the armed forces. This is where AEVEX comes in.

The company claims to be able to offer maritime vehicles at a low price without sacrificing exciting features for operators. What's its secret? The base used for these unmanned vehicles.

Mako Lite and Mako from AEVEX Aerospace

AEVEX developed these vehicles with the jet ski as its inspiration. Then, it added a lot of technology to enable them to perform various functions using an “open architecture” that allows modifications at any time.

Mako is 11 feet long and 4 feet wide. With a full tank of fuel, it can travel up to 288 miles and carry up to 890 pounds of cargo. According to the manufacturer, Mako has a GPS but can operate without it.

The USV also has an algorithm-based autonomous navigation system and a variety of sensors. The maritime drone can “make decisions without direct intervention,” AEVEX says, though we don’t know if that includes attack scenarios.

In addition to attacking enemy ships, Mako promises to be an effective tool in various scenarios. For example, it USV can provide logistical support, personnel transport, reconnaissance, or surveillance. Customers can customize it to suit their needs.

The company also offers a smaller version of the drone, the Mako Lite, which is 8.8 feet long and 3.6 feet wide. It can carry up to 454 pounds and shares most of its bigger brother’s features.

Pictures | AEVEX Aerospace

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