Apple Intelligence, iOS 18, Siri With ChatGPT, macOS 15 Sequoia, and Everything Else Announced at WWDC 2024

  • The company is going all-in when it comes to artificial intelligence.

  • Apple is updating its operating systems and has announced a partnership with OpenAI.

  • Here are all the new features presented at WWDC 2024.

Apple Intelligence
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On Monday, Apple celebrated the first day, also known as the keynote, of the highly anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024.

As rumored, artificial intelligence took center stage during the WWDC keynote, alongside a host of other innovations related to the company’s systems and services.

Here's a breakdown of all the announcements made by Apple.

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iOS 18

The latest version of the iPhone operating system, iOS 18, introduces new features focused on customization, entertainment, and productivity.

Ios 18
  • Icons and widgets can now match your phone's wallpaper color or have a dark effect.
  • Apps and widgets can be placed anywhere on the screen.
  • The Control Center has been revamped to provide quick access to more controls.
  • The Messages app now supports RCS, allowing users to format and schedule texts.
  • The Photos app now organizes content by theme and users can pin frequently accessed collections.
  • Users can now move apps to a locked and hidden folder.

iPadOS 18

iPadOS 18, the latest version of the iPad operating system, adds several new features, including some from iOS, particularly focused on personalization and built-in apps.

Ipados 18
  • The update introduces a Calculator app, which enables users to write calculations directly onto the screen using the Apple Pencil. This functionality is also available within the Notes app.
  • Additionally, users can now take freehand notes at full speed, with the system analyzing and imitating their writing style.
  • SharePlay has also been updated to allow for easier screen sharing.

visionOS 2

The upcoming Apple Vision Pro operating system, visionOS 2, will introduce some exciting new features.

Visionos 2
  • There’s a new Photos app powered by machine learning.
  • Apple has improved navigation controls.
  • There’s a new mode designed to reduce motion sickness when using the headset while in the car.
  • Additionally, the company has announced new markets where the Vision Pro will be available for purchase (China, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Canada, France, and the UK).

watchOS 11

The Cupertino-based company promises that its smartwatches will be enhanced with watchOS 11.

Watchos 11
  • “Training load” estimates a numerical intensity level based on your body’s response to a workout.
  • The pregnancy tracker on the watch now provides information about the process of pregnancy.
  • The Photos face now uses machine learning to suggest photos based on aesthetics, composition, and facial expressions.

macOS 15

The latest version of the Mac operating system is called macOS 15 Sequoia. This system includes many of the features listed above, but also introduces some new ones specifically designed for the Mac.

Macos 15
  • Continuity allows users to mirror their iPhone on the Mac to view the smartphone’s content, and interact with its apps.
  • The Mac can now receive notifications from the iPhone, and tapping on any of them allows users to interact with the relevant app.
  • There are new features that enhance the webcam image, allowing users to change the background completely.
  • The new Passwords app provides the ability to store and manage passwords in the Apple ecosystem.
  • Game Porting Toolkit 2 is aiming to bring the most advanced Windows games to Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
  • Ubisoft has announced that Assassin’s Creed Shadows will be coming to Mac later this year. This title will also be available on PC and consoles in 2024.
Macos 15 1

Apple Intelligence and Siri

The company led by Tim Cook has finally unveiled its strategy in relation to AI, which it calls Apple Intelligence.

  • Siri can now understand natural language, allowing users to make requests like “play the podcast my wife sent me the other day.”
  • The voice assistant also learns from our personal context to be more helpful.
  • Image generation is now a reality, allowing us to take a person’s photo and create a message for their birthday with their face in a cartoon style.
Apple Intelligence 1
  • If you need to add your driving license to a form, you can ask the assistant to search for a picture of your license in the Photos app to add it easily.
  • ChatGPT will be available for free in Siri on iOS 18 and macOS Sequoia later this year without needing to create an account.
Apple Intelligence 2
  • Apple Intelligence will be available on devices equipped with A17 Pro and M1 processors or later versions.

Private Cloud Compute

  • Apple has developed Private Cloud Compute to “extend iPhone’s industry-leading security to the cloud.”

This private cloud comes into play when users require additional computational power for AI-driven tasks.

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