The Wait Is Over: The ChatGPT App for Mac With GPT-4o Is Now Available for Free to All Users

  • Users no longer need to make payments or resort to workarounds to use the app.

  • With this new version, users will be able to converse with ChatGPT and share their screens.

  • However, the Her-style voice mode isn’t expected until fall.

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In mid-May, OpenAI introduced the world to a new artificial intelligence model called GPT-4o. The announcement came alongside the limited release of the ChatGPT desktop app. Initially, you needed to be a paying user of the Plus or Team plans to use it and wait for it to become available.

There was also an option to use the app in advance, but it required a workaround. Now, those limitations have been removed. The company led by Sam Altman has made the ChatGPT app for macOS available to all users, including those who don’t pay for the service.

ChatGPS on macOS, Free for All

Although we’ve been able to use ChatGPT on our computers since it was launched in November 2022, the release of the official app for the service is a significant game changer. In essence, it allows users to take much better advantage of GPT-4o, although the Her-style voice mode has been delayed until fall.

ChatGPT for Mac enables you to log in and access your conversation history. Additionally, it provides access to dictation, chat mode, and, most importantly, the ability to share your screen or upload files. You can also quickly access the chatbot using the Option + Space command.

To get started, the first step is to download the app. To do so, visit and click on the Download button. The next step is to install the .dmg file just like any other app. Just double click on the file and drag it to the Applications folder.

ChatGPT ChatGPT on macOS.

After completing the initial setup, you’ll be prompted to log in to your OpenAI account to begin using the chatbot. If you want to utilize voice or vision-related features, you’ll need to grant the app the necessary permissions. At this stage, being mindful of the information shared with OpenAI is crucial.

For instance, you can share your screen to discuss an email or show it chatbot an Excel table or any other program running on your Mac. Just like with the web service or mobile app, avoiding sharing sensitive information with the chatbot is essential.

It’s important to note that the new service features have usage limits. After a certain number of chats with ChatGPT using GPT-4o, the chatbot will switch to GPT-3.5 and prompt you to upgrade to the paid version to continue using its full capabilities. It’ll also restrict access to certain features for a few hours.

Unfortunately, Macs with Intel processors won’t be able to access this experience. The ChatGPT app for PCs requires an M1 chip or newer to run and is currently unavailable on Windows computers. When it comes to Windows, OpenAI has announced plans to release a Windows version later this year.

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