OpenAI's Sam Altman Teases Monday Announcement: “It’s Not GPT-5 or a Search Engine"

The company's virtual event will take place one day before Google's annual I/O event. The search engine giant is also expected to unveil new AI products.

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We have an appointment with OpenAI on Monday. Amid rumors stating that the company planned to a search engine to compete with an established giant like Google, OpenAI has gone on record to announce a live stream to unveil some new features of its existing products.

The live stream will take place on Monday, May 13 at 10 a.m. (PT). During the virtual event, the company said it would showcase a live demonstration of “some updates” to ChatGPT, one of the most popular AI-powered chatbots to date, and its underlying language model, GPT-4. The company stated that there would be no news about GPT-5 or a future search engine.

OpenAI’s Top Management Responds to Rumors

Friday’s announcement came with two messages from OpenAI’s senior management. “It’s not GPT-5 or a search engine,” said CEO Sam Altman. However, Altman added that his team had worked hard to build new products that people would love.

Greg Brockman, the president of OpenAI, has also stated that we won’t see a new AI model or search engine. This is notable given that it’s not often that tech executives respond to rumors. In any case, we now know what not to expect from Monday’s event, even if we still don’t know what the company will present.


While we may not see anything related to a browser or new language model next week, that doesn’t mean the Microsoft-backed company isn’t working on those products. Rumors point to GPT-5 potentially arriving later this year.

OpenAI is one of the biggest players in the AI industry. It's fair to say the company is  probably responsible for starting the AI boom we’re experiencing, but competition has become fierce. Several companies are investing millions to add AI features to their features. One of those, Google, has its annual I/O event on Tuesday, one day after OpenAI's announcement, which will likely be full of AI news.

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