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Consumer tech and information society editor. Despite my studies in Physics, I've been writing about tech, image and sound, digital economy, legislation and data protection for over ten years. Interested in projects that aim to improve society and democratize access to technology. LinkedIn

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July 2024

  1. 16 July
  2. OpenAI Reportedly Has a New Secret Project Called Strawberry, Which Will Be Able to Reason and Perform Complex Tasks
  3. 12 July
  4. FTX's Collapse Created an Existential Crisis for Bitcoin. Now It's Facing Another One
  5. Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 and Buds 3 Pro: A Return to Traditional Design in Earbuds Dedicated to Voice
  6. 10 July
  7. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6: A Phone That Gets Closer to Being Samsung’s Top Folding Device With Every Upgrade
  8. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6: The Thinnest and Lightest Fold Ever Comes With New Galaxy AI Features
  9. 09 July
  10. LG Is Working on a Battery Revolution With Dry Coating Technology. It Already Has a Mass Production Date: 2028
  11. 08 July
  12. Nothing's CMF Phone 1, Which Shattered the Low-Cost Phone Market, Proves Manufacturers Have a Lot of Room to Lower Their Prices
  13. 01 July
  14. Meta Forced All Users to Either Pay or Give Up Their Data. The EU Says This Illegal Under the Digital Markets Act

June 2024

  1. 30 June
  2. It Consumes Five Times Less Energy and Doesn’t Require Gas: This Is the French Invention Aims to Replace Your Air Conditioner
  3. 20 June
  4. AI Is Increasing the Demand for Electricity So Much That the International Energy Agency Has Called for a Global Summit
  5. 12 June
  6. Understanding Apple Intelligence, Apple’s Proprietary AI Model: Here's How It Compares to Other Models and How It Will Use ChatGPT
  7. 07 June
  8. Adobe Photoshop Is Asking for Access to All Content Created Using Software, Even if It’s Confidential

May 2024

  1. 27 May
  2. I Like Listening to Music on YouTube: This Is the Trick I Use to Jam Out While the Screen's Turned Off
  3. 22 May
  4. Sonos Ace: Sonos’ First Headphones Are a Torpedo of Cinema-Level Sound in High-Resolution
  5. 20 May
  6. I’ve Tried Out Google’s Project Starline, and It’s the Most Amazing Video Call I've Ever Had
  7. Google CEO Sundar Pichai: ‘People Will Get Into Deep Relationships With AI Assistants, and We Should Prepare Ourselves’
  8. 16 May
  9. We Tried Out Project Astra: The Next Iteration of Google’s Assistant We All Asked for Is Finally Here
  10. 15 May
  11. One Minute With Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin: I Never Imagined That Our AI Experiments Could Go This Far
  12. 10 May
  13. OpenAI Will Reportedly Launch Its ChatGPT-Powered Search Engine on Monday
  14. 07 May
  15. iPad Air (2024): Sixth Generation Introduces a New 13-Inch Model for the First Time
  16. ‘Bitcoin Jesus,’ One of the World's First Cryptocurrency Millionaires, Is Arrested in Spain for Tax Evasion
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