It Consumes Five Times Less Energy and Doesn’t Require Gas: This Is the French Invention Aims to Replace Your Air Conditioner

  • French startup Caeli Énergie has developed an air conditioning system that uses adiabatic cooling.

  • The company has secured almost $11 million in funding to further develop this green alternative to traditional AC units.

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Replacing an air conditioner is no easy feat. However, better alternatives are available that don’t require gas or an outdoor unit. One of these options is the air conditioning system developed by the French startup Caeli Énergie.

This system promises up to five times lower energy consumption than conventional air conditioners. Additionally, it doesn’t use refrigerant gas and eliminates the need for an external unit. In fact, it’s based on an indoor device with an odd oval design.

To develop this innovative solution, Caeli Énergie raised €10 million (around $10.7 million) in a second round of financing in the fall of 2023. According to Asterion, one of the investment partners, Caeli is the only low-carbon solution for cooling buildings made in Europe and the most efficient in the world.

Caeli Énergie

Caeli Énergie was founded in 2020 by Rémi Perony and Stéphane Lips and owns the patented technology along with France’s National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS).

French Technology Based on Water Evaporation

The system is based on adiabatic cooling. It’s insulated, and the cooling is produced directly by the work of the device.

The Caeli Énergie unit uses dew-point cooling and water evaporation to cool the airflow extracted from the building and the air blown into the room. The higher the outside temperature, the more efficient the cooling. The idea is that the air expelled by the device is cooler than the air it sucks in.

Specifically, this greener alternative to AC units has a cooling capacity of 2 kW and a coefficient of performance up to four times higher than that of a conventional air conditioner. The device is about 8 feet high and is designed to cool a room between 215 and 430 square feet.

The lower energy consumption also results in lower emissions. Compared to air conditioners, Caeli Énergie’s invention promises to reduce the carbon footprint by 80%.

Another advantage of not using refrigerant gases is that the parts required for repair and operation are lower. According to Caeli, the company uses a large number of recyclable parts for manufacturing.

The Caeli device’s price ranges between €2,500 and €3,000 (about $2,700 and $3,200), including installation. It’s slightly higher than most AC units, but the company could reduce this price in the future if the technology becomes more popular.

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