Neom, Saudi Arabia’s Futuristic City, Has Published Its First Job Offers. They're Pretty Extravagant

Thinking about sci-fi is inevitable whenever someone mentions Neom and The Line. As such, it makes sense that the jobs offered there would be unordinary.

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To date, we know some key facts about the mammoth-sized Neom project, which consists of two incredibly expensive skyscrapers, and its smart linear "eco-city" called The Line in northwestern Saudi Arabia. For one, it's going to include a mega-harbor for superyachts and hundreds of luxury villas. So, what will all these people be doing in this urban fantasy? We've just gotten our first clue with Neom and The Line's recently published job offers, which are on the level of its hyperbolic architecture.

More than 200 offers. When I was writing this article, there were 235 job offers on the project page. Many are typical for any urban planning project with such a large investment, featuring listings for construction managers to engineers, jobs in digital marketing, and even a golf course design manager.

However, as you'll see below, other vacancies indicate that this is a sort of unclassifiable project, which almost seems to be part of a dystopian science fiction novel.


Tech services and systems manager. Yes, it may seem like a “normal” position, but when you look at the “fine print,” it says that this is a management position for the Neom Community School. In addition, those in charge of this mega-project are looking for staff for the city’s education system, such as Arabic and Islamic teachers and music professors. There are even listings for, if you can believe it, “teachers of individuals and societies.”

Head of student recruitment. As mentioned before, Neom has its own school, which is part of the Neom U project, an educational division that seems crucial to the city’s vision as a research and development center. A school needs students, and there's a job for that. In the job listing, the city states it's looking for someone to “ensure that Neom is considered the most attractive place to live and work” and to prepare the “brightest young minds” for careers within the city.

Director of personalized health. As Neom states in its goals, anyone in this position must prioritize the health and well-being of citizens over transportation and infrastructure, “leading and defining Neom’s strategy for integrating genetics into personalized healthcare.” In addition, Neom indicates that it will use genetic data to identify health risks and develop health interventions. (I imagine something like Gattaca).


Ferry terminal services manager. It’s a position for those who wish to oversee the smooth running of Neom’s Water Mobility Station (Oxagon and Sindalah). In other, its ferry services.

Rewilding lead. Neom is looking for professionals to help build corridors for wildlife that will coexist with the human population. In addition, these experts must track species and evaluate biodiversity “to address the historical degradation that has left the land in a desolate state.”

And the most recent controversy: lethal force. As the project continues to progress, it seems that the controversy around it just doesn't stop. Recently, the BBC reported that Saudi forces could use “lethal force” if necessary to remove people who refuse or resist relocation from the area where the project is being built.

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