A Japanese Tech Company Is Selling $3 CPUs Through a Vending Machine

Some have speculated that the vending machine is way for the company to get rid of old electronics in an innovative way.

Vending Machine
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Alberto de la Torre

In Japan, claw machines are famous for their low cost and great prizes. Just insert a coin, turn the lever, and you’ll get a Pokémon, Dragon Ball, or Hello Kitty licensed plushie. Inspired by the concept, a Japanese tech company is taking it to the next level according to Tom’s Hardware. Their proposition: Insert a coin, get a second-hand CPU.

The new CPU-dispensing machines started making the rounds on social media, Tom's Hardware reported. One Japanese user shared that they were able to get an Intel Core i7-8700 processor for just 500 yen, or a little more than $3, a major discount from its price on Amazon, which at the time of publication was $130. While some people can find great hardware for relatively cheap prices using these machines, there's a catch.

An Innovative Way to Dispose of Electronic Waste

As Tom’s Hardware’s mentioned, vending machines that dispense hardware components are very popular in Japan. One of these machines is located outside a computer store called 1's PC. Given the proximity, some have speculated that the processors in the vending machine are old units that the store wanted to sell in a unique way.

It's certainly one way to turn trash—or in this case, outdated PC components—into treasure. Many users on social media embraced the idea, stating that they were eager to visit Japan to try their luck.

They could end up saving a pretty penny. There's quite a difference between paying $3 for the i7-8700 processor compared to the $130 on Amazon. Yet, there's always the chance you won't get one of these deals and end up with electronics you didn't want or need.

Despite this, it looks like people are still willing to try their luck and pay $3 to try to get their hands on a working processor, although not all models are available. It’s a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of technological history at a very low price. Who wouldn’t love that?

Image | Sawara-San on YouTube

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