8BitDo’s New Retro Keyboard Pays Tribute to an All-Time Classic: the IBM Model M

  • The manufacturer once again appeals to nostalgia by offering a keyboard that mimics the design of the legendary IBM Model M.

  • Although the sound and user experience aren’t identical, this mechanical keyboard has its own virtues.

8BitDo’s IBM Model M
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If there’s an immortal keyboard, it’s the IBM Model M. Along with the Model F, the Model M made these peripherals unique computer gems. Now, they've served as inspiration to a company to create new keyboards in their honor.

We’re talking about 8BitDo, which has just presented its Retro Mechanical Keyboard M. This mechanical peripheral adopts a design almost identical to the IBM keyboard but also brings the hallmarks that the manufacturer has already incorporated in its tribute to the NES and the C64.

Like those models, this design allows quick PCB swapping and wireless and wired connectivity via USB-C.

The keyboard uses Kailh Box White V2 switches and has two programmable keys with macros, although this time, the colors aren’t so bright in an attempt to mimic the shades of the original IBM keyboards.

What the Retro Mechanical Keyboard M can't imitate is the characteristic buckling spring mechanism of authentic IBM Model M keyboards, which made an unmistakeable typing sound. The sound of the mechanical keys on the 8BitDo keyboard is similar but not identical.

The keyboard will be available in mid-July for $100. The manufacturer has even released an additional module, the 18-key numeric keypad, which can work independently as a calculator thanks to a small LCD scrren. It will be available in July in this and other editions (N, Fami, C64) for $44.99.

Image | 8BitDo

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