Samsung Galaxy S24+ Review: a Sci-Fi Phone Now More Than Ever

Samsung Galaxy S24+ Review: a Sci-Fi Phone Now More Than Ever

  • The Galaxy S24+ makes the already excellent S23+ even better

  • Choosing the Ultra model over the S24+ is just a matter of taste

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Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

Samsung has an ambitious strategy for its high-end phones. The company offer three different models - standard, Plus, and Ultra, each with a significant price difference. With every new generation, the Samsung Galaxy Plus has to prove to be worth the price compared to its big brother, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Last year, the Samsung Galaxy S23+ worked out very well, and this year, the Samsung Galaxy S24+ is following a similar strategy and ambition. Despite its iterative approach, it’s getting closer to the Ultra model with the Galaxy AI, which promises of a small revolution.

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Samsung Galaxy S24+ Specs



6.24 x 2.99 x 0.30 in

6.91 oz


6.7-inch QHD+ display

3120x1440 px

Dynamic AMOLED

120 Hz

Vision Booster


Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 (US/Canada)

Samsung Exynos 2400 (Europe)


12 GB


256 GB/512 GB


4,900 mAh

45 W wired charging

15 W wireless charging

Reverse wireless charging


Android 14

OneUI 6.1


IP68 certification

Gorilla Glass


50 MP main, f/1.8, 85º, OIS

12 MP ultra-wide, f/2.2, 120º

10 MP telephoto, f/2.4, OIS, 3x


12 MP, f/2.2, 80º




Wi‑Fi 6E

Bluetooth 5.3



USB-C (USB 3.2)


Ultra-wide band



From $999.99

SAMSUNG Galaxy S24+ Plus Cell Phone, 256GB AI Smartphone, Unlocked Android, 50MP Camera, Fastest Processor, Long Battery Life, US Version, 2024, Onyx Black

Compact and Exquisite Design

Samsung has been gradually moving towards a recognizable design for its flagship models that is appreciated by consumers. A few generations ago, it was the curvature and back of their devices that led the way. However, in recent years, the company has been focused on creating a compact design with comfortable hand-feel and good finishes while still retaining its signature rear camera set-up.

Samsung has succeeded in its compact design line and flat display: the new Galaxy S24+ is comfortable, solid and attractive

The new Samsung Galaxy S24+ is an iterative upgrade with a flat panel design that could surprise those who are not used to the Asian giant approach to its high-end smartphones in the last few years.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

This year, Samsung has once again created a phone with a large screen but a very compact, elegant design that is a joy to hold. The phone is only 0.30 in thick and weighs 6.91 oz, but it doesn’t feel heavy at all.

The phone supports intensive use without causing any fatigue, offers a secure grip even in small hands, and the glass back hardly slips or attracts dirt and fingerprints. However, it all depends on how much you care about these things.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S24+ is a visually appealing flagship with nearly no bezels, providing a more immersive screen experience. The aluminum sides blend in seamlessly with the rest of the device, both in terms of appearance and touch.

The Ultra model differs from the S24+ when it comes to the frames, which are made of titanium, and its back, which is made of Gorilla Armor glass instead of using the Victus 2 found on the S24+. Both models, however, share the same IP68  rating.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

In addition to its sleek appearance, the Galaxy S24+ boasts well-designed physical controls that are easy to use. The rear cameras are also designed to blend in with the device, making them unobtrusive when the phone is placed on a flat surface.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

As for the connection ports, the Galaxy S24+ features a USB-C charging port and a dual SIM card tray that is easy to access.

Peace of Mind: a Samsung Galaxy S Display

Like other high-end phone manufacturers, the Samsung Galaxy S range has very few distinguishing elements in their devices. For instance, the Galaxy S24+ and the Ultra model differ in screen size by only 0.1 inches, though the curved corners of the Galaxy S24+ make a clear difference. However, all other specs are identical.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

The Galaxy S24+ has a spectacular 6.7-inch display with a 3120x1440 px resolution and a 120 Hz adaptive refresh rate. The display is a Dynamic AMOLED 2X with an impressive maximum brightness level of 2600 nits, which surpasses last year’s model (1750 nits).

The panel has a 60-120 Hz adaptive refresh rate, which can be set to 60 Hz or left in dynamic mode. This results in a fluidity similar to other high-end phones, and is further enhanced by the device’s powerful processor, as we’ll see below.

The Galaxy S24+ display is one of Samsung’s best, both in resolution and brightness, offering over 2,500 nits that allow perfect visibility in direct light

We’re also pleased with the panel’s resolution, which matches that of the Ultra model, bringing these devices closer in terms of quality. The screen is well-calibrated and has a fabulous maximum brightness, making it suitable for viewing in any setting.

It’s amazing to see how comfortable it is to use the S24+ even on the sunniest day.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus This image does not do any justice to how great the screen looks in direct light

The Galaxy S24+ offers different settings to control how you see the screen. Users can choose between Natural or Vivid calibration and adjust the white balance. However, the white balance adjustment is only available in Vivid setting, which comes enabled by default.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

Users can also customize the screen resolution to their needs. However, it’s not recommended to low features for which users have paid a premium price, except in emergencies. It’s always better to get the most out of the device’s features, including the resolution which provides excellent sharpness that complements the rest of the Galaxy S24+ display specs.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

The sound is equally impressive. The two speakers deliver powerful sound without any saturation issues. The balance between frequencies is excellent, and the bass boost is much appreciated. The sound section is backed by Dolby Atmos, which can be enabled in the options, where users can also set different equalizations.

The Exynos Processors Come Back to Europe

The new Galaxy S24+ stands out for bringing Samsung’s own processors back to its 2024 lineup. This, however, does not apply to the US and Canada markets, where the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 has been used. Samsung has notably run Snapdragon chips in America and Exynos processors in Europe and, after including Qualcomm’s processor in all models last year, is now shipping the S24+ again with its own processor line outside the US.

Here, we’ve reviewed the European version. The Exynos 2400 processor prioritizes enhanced graphics performance and AI power over raw processing power. It’s built on a 4 nm SoC, has a ten-core CPU, and an Xclipse GPU based on AMD’s RDNA3 architecture.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

The S24+ is only available with 12 GB of RAM, an improvement over last year’s model, ensuring a longer lifespan for the device. These specs make for a smooth and satisfactory system experience when using the new Samsung flagship for all sorts of tasks.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

We’ve performed the usual battery benchmarks to see where the new Samsung processor stands. Our starting point: the Exynos 2400 scored 1,820,000 points in Antutu, and 3,800 points in WildLife Extreme.








Exynos 2400

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3

Apple A17 Pro

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 (for Galaxy)


12 GB

16 GB

8 GB

16 GB

16 GB

8 GB


2,158 / 6,823 (6)

2,229 / 6,769 (6)

2,637 / 7,103 (6)

2,223 / 6,893 (6)

1,176 / 4,960 (6)

2,019 / 5,308 (6)










19,337 / 15,472

15,375 / 9,170

19,124 / 19,077

14,250 / 11,186

14,018 / 13,968








As you can see in the above table, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 is currently better than the new Exynos, but it remains to be seen how the Exynos will perform in future updates. The Galaxy S24+ has excellent raw power, but its stability is not as good as its competitors. In our tests, the phone’s performance dropped faster than expected.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

During the Wild Life Extreme test, there was a stability rate of just over 60%, while the sustained performance test showed a loss of 25%.

The Plus model comes with storage options of 256 and 512 GB. The Ultra model is the only one that offers an internal capacity of 1 TB.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

It’s worth noting that the device heats up with demanding tasks. During benchmarks, the back of the Galaxy S24+ gets noticeably hot, even though Samsung has reinforced the cooling compared to the previous generation with a larger vapor chamber and liquid-type thermal material. However, day-to-day heating is not alarming and only occurs during sustained data downloads or heavy camera use.


The Samsung Galaxy S24+ offers a range of biometric identification options, including a fingerprint sensor located above the screen, which operates quickly and conveniently. The sensor’s location is also optimal, making it easy to access.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

The second identification option is facial recognition, which can be used together with the fingerprint sensor or on its own. In our tests, we found that facial recognition performed well in good lighting conditions, with almost instantaneous recognition. However, it was slower to recognize faces in low-light settings. This is something that could be improved, especially considering the device’s high-end status.

AI is Here to Stay

While the Galaxy S24+ series is largely an iterative upgrade, there’s been much anticipation surrounding the new release due to the increased presence of AI in the device. Samsung seems to be taking this aspect seriously, making it a central focus of their new product.

The phone introduces OneUI 6.1, one of the most important updates to Samsung’s skin, despite not appearing to be so at first glance. While there are no major visual changes, the new version offers several practical improvements.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

One of the most valuable features is the addition of widgets on the lock screen, which many users will find useful in everyday.

Other non-AI-related, new features include improvements in content sharing through QuickShare, an easier way to locate lost devices, and seamless integration with the entire Samsung ecosystem. Additionally, the update includes security improvements that come with the latest version of Android, Android 14.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

We’ve used the Galaxy S24+ and tested the Galaxy AI for several days to determine if what they promise is worth it in everyday life or if it’s just attention-grabbing gimmicks.

It’s important to note that the worth of a service will depend on how someone uses the phone and the benefits it provides to one’s life. However, we can confirm that Samsung’s promises do hold true.

The Galaxy S24+ offers AI-powered features that are becoming increasingly common in phones, such as translation services, information management, and language handling. Photography features are also included

Currently, the majority of the improvements made by AI in the Galaxy S24+ are focused on two areas: real-time translation and photography. We will discuss photography features in detail later on.

Most of Samsung’s AI options here aim to take advantage of language handling, translation, and transcription services that we have been using for months on platforms like ChatGPT. These features can help make work easier.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

Samsung has incorporated AI-powered features into its phones for voice and text conversations, as well as for note-taking. The AI capabilities have their own section in the phone’s configuration options and have proven to be quite useful in day-to-day use.

One of the most talked-about features is simultaneous translation, which works quite reliably during calls, although it’s not yet perfect. We tested all modes and found that the translations were generally correct and useful.

If the simultaneous translation feature continues to evolve, it would be great to have AI stay on our phones forever

The most convincing mode was one that muted our voices and only transmitted the translation. Although not instantaneous, it was still effective. However, it uses the AI voice, which can be chosen from several options and offers good results, though it’s obvious that it is not a human voice.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

To use instant translation, you only need to indicate which language to translate to and from, and the system does the rest. For instance, if we speak English and the other person speaks Spanish, our conversation would go like this: we speak in English, and the other person listens to the Spanish translation directly. When they reply in Spanish, we only hear the AI speaking to us in English.

This instant translation feature also works well in chats and app messages, like WhatsApp or Instagram. If you download the language packs, the translation is done on the device itself.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus We take a text and let the AI do “its magic”

Additionally, AI is useful for note and text processing. You can ask for a summary, translation, or text organization and layout. As seen in the example, the result is more than satisfactory.

Lastly, we should mention Samsung’s promise of operating system updates, as it’s becoming increasingly valuable for smartphones.

With the new Galaxy S24+, Samsung promises system updates for the next seven generations

Samsung claims that the new Galaxy S24+ offers up to seven generations of operating system updates and seven years of security updates. At the current pace of technology and for high-end users, even seven years seems like many years.

Samsung’s Flagship Comes With Great Battery Life

The Galaxy S series is known for its reliable battery life, and the Samsung Galaxy S24+ is no exception. However, it’s difficult to determine the exact battery life of a device that supports multiple usage scenarios.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

During our testing, we found that the battery life varied greatly depending on the type of usage. We were able to get more than 10 hours of screen time on some days, but on other days we only got four hours of screen time. On average, we were able to get between 5 and 6 hours of screen time per day, which is similar to the previous generation.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

In the PCMark 3.0 test, the phone lasted for 13 hours and 59 minutes on a single charge.

The Galaxy S24+ has a 4,900 mAh battery that supports 45 W fast charging, as well as wireless and reversible charging. Despite not coming with a charger in the box, the charging process is incredibly fast.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

In our tests, we were able to charge the battery from 10% to 50% in just 23 minutes, and it took only an hour to fully charge the device.

Camera: a Great Option for All Users

The Samsung Galaxy S24+ is once again overshadowed by the Ultra model’s incredible camera. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a great choice, as it still offers a lot of value to the general public.

If social photography is your thing, the Galaxy S24+ has everything you need

The phone’s main camera is powerful, with a 50 MP main sensor, f1.8, optical stabilization and 1/1.56" sensor size. The phone also includes a 13 mm ultra-wide lens with a 12 MP sensor and 1/2.55", which is the weakest link, and a 3x telephoto lens, with a 10 MP sensor and 1/3.94" size.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

The phone’s interface is fast and intuitive, offering many options and shooting modes at your fingertips.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

When using the main camera, the default shooting mode is 12 MP, but users have the option to use the 50 MP sensor natively if they want to get more detail, and the possibility of cropping without loss of quality.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus 100% cropping of the center of the image taken at 50 MP (above) vs 100% cropping of the edge area

This option is fully accessible on the camera’s main screen. While shooting is not as fast as in 12 MP mode, the delay is hardly noticeable, making it a great shooting mode. However, as we said, you won’t necessarily see more detailed results compared to the 12 MP, and the loss of edge sharpness is very obvious in both shooting modes.

Shooting at 12 MP with the main camera is effective and provides images that look great on the smartphone screen. These images tend to be warmer and more saturated than those viewed on a desktop screen.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

Most of the time, the Samsung Galaxy S24+ offers great results with its main lens considering this is a camera aimed at consumers. While there are some defects in the edges and uncontrolled HDR, the dynamic range and sharpness are correct.

At night, the main sensor captures enough light, sometimes even somewhat artificially, and the rest of the parameters are kept under control, especially the high and concentrated lights. As expected, there’s a lack of sharpness, and other aspects could be improved too. However, some of these issues, such as the edge definitions, can sometimes be solved using Night mode.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus Night mode shot with the main lens
Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus Interior shot with the main lens

The phone also features an ultra-wide lens and 3x zoom, which offer creative possibilities and fun results. The 3x zoom is especially impressive in good lighting, but white balance errors are noticeable at night.

The rest of the (digital) zoom options can be useful for emergencies, offering very decent results when the 10x is used.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus Left: image shot with the main camera. Right: 3x zoom shot
Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus 3x zoom used at night showing incorrect white balance
Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus Fun shots with the 3x zoom are guaranteed in good light
Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus Image taken with the 3x zoom
Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus Left: image taken with the 3x zoom. Right: 10x shot

The ultra-wide lens struggles with sharpness, particularly when viewed up close. Despite these limitations, the color reproduction and other aspects of the camera are hardly different from the main lens, which is a challenge that many manufacturers have yet to solve.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus Left: image of the main camera. Right: same scene taken with the ultra-wide
Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus Ultra-wide lens used outdoors during daytime
Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus 100% cropping of center detail when using the ultra-wide
Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

When it comes to special camera modes, Samsung’s Portrait mode is particularly impressive. It can easily detect the subject and apply a bokeh effect without any issues. However, it can be quite strong, and some users may prefer to have more control over the level of blur.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

Moving on to video recording, the Galaxy S24+ offers up to 8K resolution, but the 4K mode at 60 fps is the most practical option, offering excellent results. Samsung also includes here a slow-motion feature and an effective stabilization mode.

Those who are interested in advanced photography will find the Samsung Galaxy S24+ Ultra model more suitable for experimenting with different camera options and achieving better quality.

The AI-powered camera is a major feature of the S24+. It works behind the scenes to enhance both the capture and processing of the photo and provides several editing tricks. The device also comes with an AI-powered object removal feature, similar to what you would find in desktop software.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

The AI-powered object removal is simple yet powerful. The quality of the results depends on the complexity of the image and the amount of time spent on it. Even a kid can achieve impressive results with very little effort, although, when you zoom in, you may notice some logical flaws in the edited image.

It’s worth mentioning that Samsung has included a watermark feature to identify images that have been retouched using AI.

Samsung Galaxy S24+: Xataka's Take and Ranking

Samsung has nailed it with its latest phone, the Galaxy S24+. It matches the most complete model of this generation in many areas, except for the camera and some minor design details. This has made the difference between the two models smaller, and choosing one or the other is a matter of taste.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

As a standalone phone, the Samsung Galaxy S24+ is a high-end device that stands out in almost all main aspects. It has an elegant design, is comfortable to hold, and has a large, clear, and spectacular screen that can even be used in direct light.

The S24+’s performance is impressive, and its battery is suitable for power users. The camera is excellent for social photography, but if you want to take the best photos, the Ultra model is still the one to go.


Diseño 9,5
Pantalla 9,5
Rendimiento 9
Cámara 9
Software 9,5
Autonomía 9


  • Incredible display even in direct light
  • Very comfortable to use and compact design
  • Good IA integration throughout the phone


  • Very similar to the Ultra model except for its powerful camera
  • Battery life could be better
  • Some markets use Exynos, which still lags behind the latest Snapdragon

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