According to a Study, This Is the Best Science Fiction Series of the Century. It’s Available on Prime Video

The Expanse shines thanks to its blend of genres and its thought-provoking content.

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The Expanse is one of the most memorable science fiction series of recent times, and the praise it has received from both critics and audiences (95% and 92%, respectively, on Rotten Tomatoes) is proof of this. The latest entity to bestow its praise on The Expanse is the German platform Moviepilot. After analyzing all the most recent sci-fi shows over the past two years, it’s determined that there are none on par with The Expanse, which you can binge from beginning to end on Prime Video.

Although absolute rankings are rarely useful, The Expanse truly deserves a place at the top. Its six seasons, which are based on nine novels by James S.A. Corey, showcase what can be achieved with the genre when it is taken seriously. The show strings together a series of political and social reflections that easily measure up to Star Trek, maintaining its pace even in the final stretch.

The show, set in the 24th century, depicts a future where humanity has long left Earth and established relations with other cultures and alien races. However, these relationships are far from ideal. The Martian military and the inhabitants of the asteroid belt near Mars and Jupiter have their own agendas. In the middle of all this, the crew of a small ship, all of whom different backgrounds, gets involved in a murder investigation that might conceal a galaxy-wide conspiracy.

What makes The Expanse so compelling is its mix of disparate elements. Sometimes it’s a space opera. Other times, a political thriller. Occasionally, it's a noir drama with spacesuits. The series excels in its reflections on understanding between different races, and it’s a true television milestone that deserves all the praise it has garnered throughout its long journey, first as a SyFy series, and later drawing to a close on Prime Video.

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