Tim Cook Quietly Debuts New and Exclusive 'Made on iPad' Sneakers. The Internet Noticed.

The Apple CEO has always worn New Balance shoes. Until now.

Nike Apple
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Apple's "Let Loose" event exceeded our expectations. It was a short and light 30-minute event where we witnessed the launch of the new 6th-gen iPad Air, the impressive M4 iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil Pro, and the renewed Magic Keyboard 2. However, many people weren’t focused on the devices Tim Cook had in his hands, but rather on what he was wearing on his feet: a special pair of Nike shoes.

At first glance, Cook's shoes appeared to be a pair of the Air Max sneakers Nike sold in 1987, prompting theories as to whether the Apple CEO had time traveled a few decades to grab a pair. Alas, Cook's shoes were adorned with a unique and distinctive detail and were clearly not the same model from 1987. That left many a fan wondering: Are Cook's Apple sneakers for sale?

No, You Can’t Buy the iPad Nikes

Nike Apple

As it turns out, Cook was wearing a unique version of the Nike Air Max ‘86 sneakers inspired by the original model. The shoes feature several modifications, including an off-white mesh, a rainbow silhouetted Nike logo, printed spots on the midsole, several color spots, a swoosh, and an exclusive toe cap. In addition, the model features a softer design than the original sneakers, and a sporty interior with ash gray tones.

The images also show that the cushioning inside the midsole to absorb impact, which makes them ideal for sports like basketball.

The sneaker's tongue reads “Made on iPad" to reflect the fact that the shoes were designed with the new Apple Pencil Pro. Unfortunately, these sneakers aren't available to buy in regular stores. While a limited run may appear in exclusive concept stores in the future, it’s unlikely that they'll be sold regularly.

Nike and Apple have been partners since 2006, the year when the first Nike+iPod was launched. Since then, they’ve created several products and tools for the Apple Watch. The Air Max range is still being manufactured today, but Cook’s unique models are for his feet only.

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