Fermata Auto for Android Auto Is So Good That It’s Hard to Believe It’s Free. It Offers YouTube, IPTV, Mobile Videos, and More

Fermata Auto for Android Auto Is So Good That It’s Hard to Believe It’s Free. It Offers YouTube, IPTV, Mobile Videos, and More

Fermata Auto is the ultimate toolkit for Android Auto.

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Fermata for Android Auto

Have you ever thought that Android Auto is too limited and boring? You’re right. However, it’s also a pretty “hackable” system with the right apps, and few are better suited for it than Fermata Auto, an actual in-car entertainment toolkit.

Fermata Auto incorporates the main functions of third-party apps for Android Auto in the same platform, including YouTube, local videos, IPTV channels, and phone mirroring. It offers great power that requires you to exert great responsibility and only use it only when your car is at a stop.

Superpowers for Android Auto

There are already apps for watching YouTube in your car, like Cartube, and others for watching IPTV, like IPcarTV. There are even apps that allow you to watch videos stored on your phone, such as Local Video Player. Fermata Auto can do all this and more, making it one of the best apps for Android Auto.

Fermata is a media player that you can download from the Google Play Store. However, this app isn't the one that lets you make magic. If you want the good version, you have to download the APK from Github. First, install it. If it doesn’t appear in Android Auto, enable the Android Auto developer options, and allow apps from unknown sources.

However, before using it in the car, you need to configure a few Fermata Auto settings on your phone and grant some other permissions it needs to work correctly.

Fermata Auto Access

If you want to watch IPTV channels on your phone, open the TV tab and use the floating button to add a list of M3U channels. If you want to watch videos stored on your mobile, go to the Folders tab, and add the folders containing the videos to the system.

Four Apps for the Price of One

Fermata Auto on Android Auto

Once you're in your car, you’ll find not just one version of Fermata Auto, but four. The app is divided to offer you all the functions in a less cumbersome way than if it were an all-in-one. Here are the apps in Fermata Auto and what each one is for:

  • Fermata Auto: This is the Fermata Auto everyone is familiar with, like the player for smartphones. You can use it to watch IPTV channels and local videos from your phone and YouTube. The media player it uses is based on the web version offered by streaming services.
  • Fermata Mirror: This shows your phone screen with a unique launcher where you can anchor specific apps. You’ll need to give Fermata special permissions on your phone, including accessibility (which means that you have remove the restrictions on its permissions first). Then, you can use any Android Auto app, including YouTube, WhatsApp, and others. In these cases, the system tries to force landscape orientation on your phone.
  • Fermata FS Mirror: It’s the same as the previous app but offers full screen  capabilities. It might interest you if you use the system to watch YouTube videos when your car is at a stop and don't need to see Google Maps as a secondary app.
  • Fermata Media Service: According to the specs on Google, this is Fermata’s media player. It doesn’t play video but audio, and it’s the same as what you get when you install the Fermata player from the Play Store.

IPTV Channels on Android Auto

A local Fox news station on Fermata Auto.

If you’ve set up IPTV channels on your phone, you can use Fermata to watch them on Android Auto. The system works very well and adds additional information about the program you’re watching if it’s available.

A frequent problem with similar apps is that navigating between different content is often difficult. The Fermata player always has a bottom playback bar and a floating back button, which is very handy.

YouTube and Any Other App

Watching YouTube videos on Fermata Auto.

Although you can watch YouTube in Fermata Auto, using Fermata Mirror or Fermata FS Mirror is better. Instead of using YouTube's web version, you’ll see the official YouTube app projected on Android Auto, with more options and all your subscriptions at your fingertips.

Fermata mirroring's works well, with more than acceptable video and audio playback. However, you should be mindful of the battery given that it needs to keep the phone’s screen on while you use it. It’s easy to imagine how this could overheat your phone on a hot day.

An example of WhatsApp mirroring on Fermata Auto.

Fermata Mirror also has a launcher that allows you to add mobile phone apps without restrictions. So, if you want to open WhatsApp or another app, there’s nothing to stop you.

Once again, it’s nice to see two overlapping buttons that make it easier to navigate through the apps. One takes you back, and the other takes you back to the app launcher.

Audio and Video From Your Phone

Fermata stored videos

Finally, you can use Fermata Auto to play videos stored on your phone, such as the best moments of your vacation. To do this, you must first add the corresponding folder to your media library in the phone’s Fermata settings.

On a final note: The player works great, and you can use the same free and open-source app to do the same as four other apps (YouTube, IPTV, mobile streaming, and local videos). If you're looking for Android Auto entertainment—always when your car is at a stop, mind you—you won't find anything better.

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