Taylor Swift Fans Aren’t Happy With Their Seats, So They’ve Created Excel Sheets to Swap Them

Fans are using Telegram and WhatsApp groups and filling out documents relentlessly to find the perfect swap.

Taylor Swift
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Madrid, Spain, is the next stop in Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. The singer will be playing at Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabéu Stadium on May 29 and 30. The live show, which set records with its movie version in theaters, is expected to draw crowds of up to 60,000 people on each of the two dates in the Spanish capital. However, not everyone is thrilled with their seats.

Fans helping fans. Despite tickets for the concerts in Spain selling out within hours, some fans are turning to social media to find tickets by any means possible. Fan accounts like @taylorswiftes_, which has almost 70,000 followers, are sharing tips for attending the concerts safely and facilitating ticket exchanges among fans.

(Better) tickets needed. Fans are also using social media to enhance their concert experience. Those who have tickets are coordinating to ensure other attendees have a great time at the concert. For instance, Swifties coming from outside Madrid or attending the concert alone are looking for fellow fans they can enjoy the event with. Additionally, some fans with multiple tickets are trying to ensure that their group can sit together, given that Ticketmaster has changed seats for some attendees unexpectedly. In other cases, Swifties have received random seats by the platform.

Resorting to the group. Since changing seats may involve the exchange of data, fans are using messaging services instead of social media for a safer means of communication. For example, there’s a WhatsApp group called “Taylor Madrid 29/05” with over 300 members, although this is a small number compared to the 60,000 attendees expected at each Madrid concert. Similar initiatives are also taking place on Telegram.

What you’ll find on the Excel sheets. You can access the Excel files on the groups on WhatsApp and Telegram, which are not linked here in an effort to protect the personal data of the fans involved. In the spreadsheets, Swifties include their personal data information so they can recognize each other and also indicate if they’re looking to change seats. For instance, we’ve seen cases of someone who recently had an operation and needs a bleacher seat and another fan who wants to switch seats so she can sit next to her sister.

Anything for Taylor. The Swiftie Excel sheets operate outside of the event's official rules, which isn’t unusual because the system allows it. Although the owner’s name appears on each ticket, their identity isn't checked when they get to the venue, which also allowed for changes of this nature at the artist’s recent concert in Lisbon, Portugal. All of this to ensure the best experience for the most crowded concert of the year.

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