Google Is Reportedly Getting Ready to Release Its Own Version of Microsoft's Recall. At First Glance, I Prefer Google

  • According to Android Authority, Google is working on implementing the Google AI platform in the Pixel 9.

  • Its standout feature is purportedly a function similar to the controversial Windows Recall.

  • However, Google is allegedly restricting its usage to prevent the kind of criticism that Microsoft faced.

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On August 13, Google will unveil its new Pixel 9. Along with hardware improvements, experts are expecting significant changes in the devices’ software, particularly in the area of artificial intelligence. Reports from Android Authority indicate that the new features will include a similar function to a Microsoft tool that recently sparked controversy.

Add Me. The new Google AI platform will reportedly come with old and new features, such as Gemini or Circle to Search. As per the leaked screenshots, it’ll also debut Add Me, a new feature that ensures everyone is included in group photos. From what it looks like, the function will build on the previous Best Take option, which ensured that all individuals in a photo had their eyes open and weren’t making serious faces.

Google AI leaks

Studio. Additionally, Android Authority expects the new Google AI platform to introduce Studio, an AI image generation model. Similar to Apple’s Image Playground, Studio could offer a simple but somewhat limited way to create images using AI for several purposes.

Pixel Screenshots is Google’s "Light" version of Windows’ Recall. According to Android Authority, the most notable feature is Screenshots, which seems quite similar to Microsoft’s Windows Recall based on the leaked images. When activated, Google claims that “it will save and process helpful details to become a searchable library to help you find anything in your screenshots.”

Google AI leaks

It records what you screenshot, but you're the one who choses what and when to take screenshots. The main difference between Recall and Screenshots seems to be in the way the system “remembers” your information. In Windows Recall, screenshots are constantly taken, stored, indexed, and tagged. However, with Pixel Screenshots, the user will reportedly control when they want the system to take screenshots. As such, it appears that only the screenshots you want the system to remember and categorize will be stored, indexed, and tagged.

Avoiding controversy. If confirmed, Google’s approach appears more sensible than what Microsoft planned with Recall. The Windows feature records everything that users do on the computer. Although Microsoft promises total data privacy and claims the data is stored and processed locally, users are still skeptic, especially because these screenshots can potentially include sensitive information like passwords or bank details.

A good implementation. Google’s approach seems particularly wise, especially after all the criticism Microsoft faced over Recall, which was initially slammed over privacy concerns. Microsoft responded by fixing some of its issues and opting for a more cautious roll-out. It ended up delaying Recall's official release.

Google is catching up. The company usually releases its new Pixels in October. However, for 2024, it’s moved up the launch of the Pixel 9 by two months, probably to gain an advantage in the AI race. Google’s AI features aim to be an enhanced combination of what Apple and Microsoft offer in their respective offerings.

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