OpenAI Has a Clear Plan on How to Make ChatGPT Plus Succeed: Using ChatGPT as a Hook

  • OpenAI’s managers have are offering equal performance of both versions of their AI model.

  • Still, there are some differences, and one thing is clear: ChatGPT is now the bait to lure us into subscribing to ChatGPT Plus.

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Two weeks ago, OpenAI introduced GPT-4o, its latest AI model. The upgrades focused on improving its ability to engage in natural conversations with users. In a surprising move, OpenAI announced that this new model would be accessible to all users, even those using the free version of its chatbot.

Previously, ChatGPT Plus was more powerful. Since its launch, OpenAI’s premium service has always offered access to the company's most advanced and powerful model. Recently, ChatGPT Plus featured GPT-4—the free ChatGPT version was based on GPT-3.5—along with additional features such as the GPT store and the ability to upload files for analysis and summaries. The free ChatGPT version was reliable but lacked the extensive features of the paid version.

Now, ChatGPT is on par with ChatGPT Plus. However, OpenAI has just confirmed that the free ChatGPT version will offer all the capabilities previously exclusive to ChatGPT Plus users. This includes features like retrieving information from the Internet, analyzing visual data such as images or videos, uploading files, and accessing custom GPTs from the GPT Store, which can be used as educational tutors or creative writing assistants.

Cheers to GPT-4o. Additionally, GPT-4o, which provides better answers, is faster, and allows us to interact with it by voice, has been added to the free version of ChatGPT. We saw this in the demos that OpenAI offered both with its native iOS app and macOS app. So far, though, it’s not available for Windows.

However, ChatGPT Plus still has some important advantages. While many features will be available in the free version, there are significant differences. Most importantly, ChatGPT Plus users will be able to use GPT-4o for a longer period of time, while free users will have a lower limit on queries for this model.

No image generator or personalized GPTs. Additionally, ChatGPT Plus subscribers can generate images directly from chatbot requests, and create customized GPTs, which won’t be available in the free version. However, users of the free version can still take advantage of the GPTs available in the GPT Store.

More than a hook. The free ChatGPT version is designed to entice users to switch to the paid version, which offers more powerful features with a usage fee. For heavy users, the paid version is more suitable, and OpenAI adopts a freemium philosophy, allowing limited use of premium options to encourage users to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus.

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