Google Pixels Have Received One of the Best Updates Ever, Which Also Fixes Critical Bugs

The June quarterly updated introduced new features to the Pixel phones and patches 50 security issues.

Google Pixel
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As is customary, when Google released the major update for June on Wednesday, its Pixel phones not only received many new features, but also several security patches. These fixes address critical bugs that were compromising Google Pixel owners.

The company's June’s quarterly update includes the addition of Gemini Nano to the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8a, enables the use of Display Port for video sharing via USB-C on the entire Pixel 8 family, and introduces camera improvements to enhance HDR shooting.

While these are the more visible aspects of the update, there are some hidden security gems in there, too.

Google's June Update Fixes Seven Critical Bugs

Google Pixel

The June quarterly update, likely the last one before all supported models finally update to Android 15, is getting a good number of new features along with security patches that fix a long list of vulnerabilities. This update has been delayed until almost the middle of the month, even though the patches have been ready since June 5.

According to Google’s developers page, the critical security flaws allowed attackers to take control of vulnerable Google Pixel phones. These flaws, a total of seven, range from issues with the Mali GPU in Google Tensor to vulnerabilities in the Goodix fingerprint sensors.

As stated Cybersecurity Help, these critical security vulnerabilities affecting the Pixel allowed an app to execute arbitrary code. This was also the result of incorrect data validation by the phone’s components. All of these issues have been resolved. This includes not only the critical ones, but also a total of 50 security patches.

Google advises all Pixel owners to update their devices as soon as possible. While the company isn’t aware of most of the vulnerabilities being exploited, it does know that at least one is currently being used to run malicious code on the devices (CVE-2024-32896). If you own a Google Pixel, make sure to update your device immediately.

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