Leaked iPhone 16 Cases Reveal a New Button and the Return of a Mythical Color

The Chinese leaker Majin Bu has shared purported photos of the new iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus cases, which reveal some design changes.

Leaked iPhone 16 cases reveal a new button and the return of a mythical color
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The Chinese insider Majin Bu is an inexhaustible source of leaks. He’s among the most prominent leakers of news on Xiaomi, Realme, and other local brands. But his recent leak is much more informative: the size of the new iPhone 16, the placement of the alleged pressure-sensitive button—which will give much to talk about—and the return to silicone.

It seems that Apple decided to kill the FineWoven cases because they deteriorated over time, creating a layer of grime that was difficult to hide. It wouldn’t be unreasonable for Apple to return to silicone but perhaps opt for a lighter, more breathable, and environmentally sustainable formula. Not all silicones are vegan, but Apple has made great strides toward complete carbon neutrality in the past two years. 

Here's a look at the new leaked silicone cases and the secrets they hide.

iPhone 16 Cases Go Back to Silicone

Leaked iPhone 16 cases

In mid-June, Majin Bu leaked pictures of the iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Pro, and iPhone 16 Pro Max leather cases. These photos corresponded with other sources that revealed the new phone’s overall width and height, which Apple will unveil at its fall event in September.

However, as we can see from the leaked images, it seems that Apple will return to silicone with MagSafe and do so in eight colors: orange, pale pink, black, midnight blue, forest green, deep blue, ivory white, and olive.

Leaked iPhone 16 cases

According to leak, the iPhone 16's display dimensions would be 6.1 inches (base model), 6.7 inches (Plus), 6.3 inches (Pro), and 6.9 inches (Pro Max). In terms of overall size, the iPhone 16 will be very similar to the previous generation: 160.9 mm long, 77.8 mm wide, and 7.8 mm thick. We know that the iPhone 17 will be much thinner, but the iPhone 16 seems to opt for a more conservative look, even copying some aesthetic finishes from the iPhone X, such as the camera module.

However, the pink case in the picture above raises a big question about Apple’s next phone: Will we have a pink iPhone 16? Will we see a comeback like the one made with the iPhone 13? It’s too early to know, but it’s clear that speculation is growing, and insiders are taking advantage of it.

Images | Majin Bu

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