NVIDIA Presents Project G-Assist: a Chatbot That Can Help You Defeat the Final Boss in Video Games

The assistant can capture and analyze what’s on screen, letting gamers ask questions and level up.

NVIDIA’s new chatbot Project G-Assist
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In the '80s, finishing some games was almost impossible, and our few extra resources were limited to the maps and tricks published in specialized computer and video game magazines.

Times have changed. Now, we can find help in forums, websites, and YouTube tutorials that visually explain how to complete a level or defeat a final boss that seems maddeningly invincible.

But there’s a third way that is gaining traction lately: artificial intelligence. We saw it two weeks ago at the launch of Microsoft’s Copilot+ PCs, where one of the demos showed off how the assistant could help us learn to play Minecraft.

Now, NVIDIA wants to go even further with Project G-Assist, a technology that uses artificial intelligence to help us complete all kinds of video games.

The AI assistant, like Microsoft’s, can take screenshots, analyze what’s happening on the screen, and then give text or voice answers to our questions about it. Project G-Assist is based on vision and language models, including a model designed specifically to help players, to help us solve all kinds of in-game situations.

To demonstrate its benefits, NVIDIA showed off Project G-Assist and its possibilities in the game ARK: Survival Ascended. By invoking the assistant, it was possible to ask it how to avoid one of the dinosaurs that appeared on the screen and kill one of the beasts that threatened us. The chatbot can also make recommendations based on the gamer’s performance. For example, it can suggest ways to level up or get new items.

In addition, this assistant is also attractive in other aspects of the gaming experience, such as recommending a graphics configuration that will allow players to play more smoothly or optimize the performance per watt. As such, it could apply lower voltages to the GPU to consume less power and maintain a certain level of FPS, which is a plus when we play on laptops.

The tool, which is currently a tech demo, is one of those options that's exclusive to the NVIDIA RTX graphics cards family. However, there are hints at a future where getting to the final boss won’t be so difficult... if we ask the assistant for help.

Image | NVIDIA

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