Shooters Have Turned Into a Bunch of People Crouching and Jumping. XDefiant Has a Plan to Stop It

  • Some players are abusing a mechanic that unbalances one-on-one combat by jumping.

  • XDefiant has decided to put a stop to it: It will now penalize those who jump too many times in a row.

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If you play shooters, you can no doubt relate to this situation: You’re walking down the street calmly when suddenly, JhonXx_ProGamer appears, jumps from one side to the other, crouches down, lies down, jumps again, and shoots you 30 times while you’re still processing what just happened. This situation happens in almost every shooter game and can be frustrating.

Well, XDefiant has come up with solution: impose a penalty on those who jump too much.

Jump, jump, jump. Some context is necessary. When an opponent jumps, it moves the hitbox, which is the invisible box covering the character and registering the impacts. Basically, if an opponent is jumping, it’s harder for us to hit them. And if we add that the enemy can jump and move sideways in the air while shooting without anything happening, the result is that the enemy turns into Neo, while we become a piñata.

That’s why games often compensate for things like that. If you’re using a sniper rifle and moving around in Counter-Strike, you’ll see the scope blur and the accuracy go down. You gain mobility, but you lose accuracy. If you lie down in Call of Duty, the gun is more precise, but you’re slower. In XDefiant, things were more... complicated. It got to the point that at advanced levels, the jumping tactic had turned into a bit of shit show.

What's the issue? It looks like some players are exploiting a tactic that's very well-known in shooters: Bunny Hopping. This movements consists of moving forward while you jump and move from left to right. When using this tactic, the hit-box doesn't stop moving, the character moves faster, and your opponent suddenly finds it very difficult to kill you.

"Jump penalty." This is a penalty that shooters tend to apply when players abuse jumping and crouching. Normally, it applies to two parameters: the height of the jump and the speed of the movement. XDefiant has implemented it like this: If you jump too much, the height of your jump will be reduced by 30% per jump and your speed will be reduced by 20% per jump. The speed of your aim will also be reduced by 10% while you jump, although the type of weapon you have will also play a role. To sum it up, the problem is that players lose mobility, but they retain firepower.

XDefiant’s solution. Faced with player complaints, the development team decided to do something about it. How? By increasing the penalty. They’ve added sway to the weapon, which is activated when we jump more than three times while aiming. In the case of hip fire, the game applies a higher bullet dispersion. In both cases, the penalty lasts 1.25 seconds, more than enough time to give the enemy an attack spectrum. You can see how the penalty works in the video above.

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